Do Russians have a sense of humour?

Do Russians have a sense of humour?Westerners believe that Russians are gloomy and reserved, but nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, the latest poll by WCIOM shows that 97% of citizens of Russia believe that they have a sense of humour.

97% of Russians believe they have a sense of humour

Among the 97% of fun-loving respondents of the survey, 38% of them consider themselves really funny. Males tend to estimate their ability to joke higher than women (41% vs. 35%) and younger people tend to think of themselves as great comedians more often. Higher educated people also think they are funnier.

  • 48% of locals believe they are perfectly able to tell a joke and understand humour of others. 11% think they have this ability, but in a smaller degree.
  • Only 2% of respondents in the research said they have no sense of humour.

These funny serious Russians

At the same time, 82% of respondents stated their family and friends are serious people. But it’s quite typical for them to joke and poke fun (56% said so).

Every second respondent (54%) admitted that they made jokes in the last few days. Only one in 10 people could not remember when he shared a funny story with others.

What people in Russia joke about

The most popular topics for laughs among locals are life and daily events (12%) and politics (7%). Historical events, crime and sex are not as funny, apparently: Less than 1% find such topics fun enough to joke about.

Other topics to make fun and how popular they are:

  • Life and daily routines: 12%
  • Politics: 7%
  • Animals: 4%
  • Family, romantic relationships: 3%
  • In-laws relationships: 3%
  • Professionals: 3%
  • Kids: 3%
  • About different nationalities: 3%
  • Anything: 3%
  • Other: 16%
  • Hard to answer: 61%

Apparently, most locals find it hard to answer which topics they find the funniest. They are probably happy to candidly discuss anything.

Do you think that people from Russia have a good sense of humour? Tell us about your experience!

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I feel like among all of my foreigner friends, russians are truly the funniest, even if they humour does have a “dark” note to it that may not suit everyone. The only thing that bothers me is how often their humour may be intollerant and offensive to others


Certainly, Russia is a nation of the best humour in the world. And Russian jokes are very smart and logic. There is nothing about black humour or jokes about suffering people. Finally, as statistics show all people around the world understand our humour and it seems very funny for everyone indeed.


In my opinion, all Russian people have a sense of humor, despite their age and well-being. All people living in Russia are very optimistic and cheerful. Every tourist who visits Russia will confirm this to you.


The Russians have different sense of humour. For my part, I can not understand the French humorists, even if I understand all the words, there is nothing there to make me laugh. Or their vulgar comedies (not all !) that are simply chocking for us. My French friends consider the Russians as serious people, never smiling, all this because we don’t laugh at silly jokes. My ex French husband often said about me : “You laugh only when two dogs are quarrelling.”


Russian humour is greatest as they are known to have the world’s funniest comedians and leading comedy shows