Playboy — The End of EraThe most famous men’s magazine in the world is sending rips through the media — Playboy announced it will no longer publish nude women’s pictures, labelling it “passé”.

The Hugh Hefner’s brain child was at the forefront of a media revolution, offering the prohibited apple to the male kind. Now they again are moving ahead with the times, but in the opposite direction.

Earlier the company stopped publishing this type of pictures on its website, in order to be able to join social networks. From now on, the magazine intends to only offer PG13 content. The wide availability of nude photos online is cited as the reason for the magazine to make its decision to stop publishing such pictures on its own pages.

Apparently, this decision propelled the current edition to fly off the shelves. Get yours before it becomes a collectors edition, with all the discontinued content in it.

To the guys who said they were only reading it “for the articles”, this is going to be closer to the truth from now on, although the content has always been the king, not only the pictures.

playboy-marilinIn fact, I had gotten a mention in Playboy some years ago, when I answered a post about the topic of Russian brides, discussed by one of the authors. The editor compiling comments from letters put a note from my email there, thanking me personally for providing an input.

Peculiarities of Dating Eastern European women is obviously also a subject worth mentioning, along with interviews of celebrities.

Women and dating, particularly young and beautiful women and relationships with them, are always at the forefront of men’s interests. Hugh Hefner managed to achieve what many guys consider to be a dream, and married a much younger woman at the end of his scandalous career.

The renowned voice for a modern male, Playboy have been for years publishing conversations with modern thinkers, including USA presidents and movie stars.

Many a career in movies, in fact, were boosted by an appearance in the magazine.

From the famous cover of 1953 with Marilyn Monroe, the plenitude of actresses and singers joined the ranks of Playboy centrefolds.

Less is more, believes the Playboy empire’s CEO Scott Flanders, and while the enterprise loses on its print edition in the States, it still makes money from its sales worldwide. Transforming the brand’s identity signifies the beginning of a new era for the iconic bunny.

When even women’s magazines publish nude pictures on covers, and Kim Kardashian posts a selfie without clothes every third day, I guess this may not be a bad move.


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