darth-vader-ukraine-6If you love Star Wars, here is the news that could make you want to move to Ukraine, where this matter is taken rather seriously: Odessa’s committee registered 44 people named Darth Vader who are contesting seats in the local elections in the resort city by the Black Sea. There is also one Magister Yoda, reported LB.ua.

The elections will be held on 25 October 2015. The deposit to register a party for elections was set at $100K (2.5 million Ukrainian hryvnia).

Darth Vader 1-44

The Ukrainian Darth Vader appeared on the political landscape in 2011 in Odessa when he started a conflict with the Mayor.


Darth Vader arrives to vote in 2014.

In 2014 elections the dark lord wasn’t allowed to vote without removing his mask at the electorate stand, where he showed up in full suit. He arrived on a specially decorated black vehicle, and demonstrated his passport to the journalists.

When he was told that he could not be presented with a bulletin to vote while wearing his helmet, the lord refused to take off his mask, and proudly walked away.

This year the adepts of the prolific series completed all the necessary paperwork, and were officially registered as candidates in several cities. They have changed their official name from The Internet Party to Bloc Darth Vader.

  • In Odessa, 44 candidates named Darth Vader and 1 Magister Yoda are running for seats on the local city council, out of 48 candidates of the “Bloc Darth Vader” in total (3 people have less exciting names without references to Star Wars). Out of them, only 1 Darth Vader is a woman.
  • In addition to Odessa, in Kharkov, Kiev, and Nikolayev one or another Darth Vader will be running for a Mayor.

Darth Vader demonstrates his documents.

If the infamous logic “it’s just the numbers game” works, Darth Vader has a good chance of seating on the council in Odessa.

Dmitro Drobot from the party People’s Power, who was present during Kharkov’s registration of Vader as a candidate, wrote on his Facebook page on 1 October 2015:

“Just registered Darth Vader as a candidate for the Mayor. Altogether 11 candidates registered.”

“Is it a joke?” asked one of commentators in reply.

“I wish it was,” replied Drobot. “All the committee was laughing when reading the biography.”

In 2014 Darth Victorovich Vader collected 1.61% of votes in elections of Kiev’s Mayor, the post that was acquired by a former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko.

Magister Yoda will be also seeking a seat in Ukrainian elections.

The parliament elections of 2014 saw the total of 16 Darth Vaders trying to get a seat in Rada, although none of them scored high enough to get through.

in 2015 over 40 candidates are registered to contest the position of Odessa’s mayor, reported Korrespondent.net.

It is a record number of mayoral candidates for the Ukrainian sea resort city. The day of elections should be exciting.

Among 44 registered candidates-namesakes:

  • 15 have the middle name “Vladimirovich”
  • 6 — “Nikolaevich”
  • 4 — “Alexandrovich”
  • 1 female has the middle name “Alexandrovna”

In Ukraine, middle names are given after the father as patronymic: The father is Alexander, the son is Alexandrovich.


Poster for Bloc Darth Vader: “Dark start — and win!”

An official petition on the website of the Ukrainian president registered on 5 September 2015 requested for the Dark Lord to be made the prime minister, reported Segodnya.ua. It only collected a few thousand signatures, but it may be just the beginning. Right now, the bloc’s goal is the local elections and seats.

Maybe 2015 will become the year when the party makes it breakthrough and starts winning.

The leader of the party, Darth Alexeevich Vader (born Victor Alexeevich Shevchenko), who was given the mandate to contest the seat of Odessa’s leader, said about his immediate plans:

“When I win the elections, I will change the design of the Mayor’s cabinet, and will renovate it. My carpenter has already started preparing the chair, which will be cut of a whole piece of a baobab tree. I am also intending to replace the windows in the whole council building with plastic windows.”

One thing is for sure: The multi-faced lord of Star Wars is persistent, and if we learned something from the recent story of a marathon-winning Ukrainian bride, determination pays.

Online Presence


The official website vader.com.ua belongs to one of Darth Vaders.

The official website vader.com.ua makes a statement:

“A candidate with a human face!”

You can find news, the party’s program, answers to common questions, and the candidate’s biography.

“I was born in Kiev in the family of simple workers. My father is a composer, the laureate of Lenin’s Komsomol award, a member of the Party. My mother is a model, she was working in an exemplary atelier. I graduated with distinction from the high school with extended learning of physics and math. Then I was called to the army forces of the Empire. My service was conducted in the Razyan college of airborne forces, where I received the title of the senior warrant officer.”

He goes further to describe his army service and marriage. Darth Vader from vader.com.ua is divorced and has 1 son. He is the vice-president of the party.

Photos: Facebook for Darth Vader, Politician

Video: The Dark Side in Odessa

Darth Vaders created quite a commotion in Ukraine, with the bloc getting free publicity in media due to its colourful representation. Large billboards by the roads call voters to choose the candidate with “a human face”, while various Darth Vaders are contesting seats in local councils, using the bloc’s tactical advantage. The observers predict that sooner or later one of the Dark Lords might get elected to a responsible post.

The Ukrainian Dark Lord already has his own Wiki page.

Video: Darth Vader Takes off His Mask

A candidate from the Internet Party, now known as Bloc Darth Vader, previously removed his mask to demonstrate to his electorate, who he is. While we cannot see his face, he is wearing the traditional Ukrainian vyshivanka and his hairstyle is reminiscent of a Ukrainian Cossack.

Darth Vader is also the director of an officially registered Ukrainian company, named The Dark Side of the Force.


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