Miss Ukraine 201518-year-old Kristina Stoloka is announced as the new Miss Ukraine 2015.

Winner Miss Ukraine 2015

The winner of the 2015 beauty competition lives in Kiev.

Miss Ukraine 2015 Kristina Stoloka

18-year-old Kristina Stoloka became Miss Ukraine 2015. (Photo: MissUkraine.ua)

The competition concluded in Kiev 22 September 2015. This is the 25th consecutive year that the competition is held in Ukraine since the inaugural 1991 beauty pageant.

Stoloka will now represent Ukraine in the world-wide competition, which will take place 19 December in Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China.

If she wins, the will become Miss World 2015.

The second year student is learning finances in the University of Food Technologies. “I am positive, outgoing, and creative person”, Kristina states on her page on the Miss Ukraine website.

“I work out and try to stay fit,” Kristina described her interests. This year she also became the first runner-up in “Miss NUFT”. The gorgeous brunette enjoys dancing and painting, and has an unusual hobby of creating pictures out of beads.

25 beautiful young girls from different regions of Ukraine participated in the beauty pageant.

The ladies showed national costumes, bikini, and evening dresses in 3 consecutive stage shows on the day.

Miss Ukraine 2015 participants

25 stunning young ladies participated in the finals of Miss Ukraine 2015. (Photo: VK Miss Ukraine)

Ukrainian artists entertained the crowd gathered in the Kiev’s International Centre of Culture and Arts, also known as October Palace.

This year’s competition was promoted under the motto “Beauty Unites”.

See photos of all 25 finalists at MissUkraine.ua.

17-year-old lyceum student Elina Rudenko from Ternopol became the 1st Vice-Miss, and exotic-looking 24-year-old model Feride Ibragimova from Zhitomir took the third place.

All top 3 placements belong to dark-haired models, leaving a bunch of pretty blondes empty-handed. This seems to be a trend in the last years in beauty pageants.

Miss Ukraine competition is not affiliated with Donald’s Trump Miss Universe.

Do you agree with the jury selection? Who would you go for?

Miss Ukraine 2015 runners up

The 1st and 2nd runners up in the Miss Ukraine 2015 competition.

Video: Miss Ukraine 2015


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I have to say that the judges did make the correct choice, as Kristina is absolutely stunning. It does seem that the judges really could not make wrong choice here. I remember the first time i visited the Ukraine, in Kiev. I was there to meet a beautiful girl, (unfortunately we did not have great chemistry but we remain friends to this day), we went to a disco there and I could not help thinking that it seemed like a cloning factory for supermodels. The woman there were in all heights, hair and eye color. I had always felt the… Read more »


All the girls at the competition were gorgeous. But not only stunning look guarantees success. Kristina has bright appearance and beautiful personality. She is sincere and well-bred. These qualities mixed together and spiced with a good luck brought her to the Crown.


Give me a break!! Kristina is a beatiful pre-pubescent child who still needs a letter from her parents to cross the road to her local chummily hall dance.

Ferida Ibragimova!!! Now there’s a real woman worth going to hell for! The judges must have been bribed.


The Blue-Eyed Brunette is Mother Nature’s greatest gift to Mankind….


Congratilations to Kristina! I believe she worked really hard to reach this point. Her face is stunning and, what is more important, extraordinary. It’s always boring to see the Miss Girls with empty faces that you look at and forget, but this is not Kristina’s case!