Schoolkids in Russia.

Schoolkids in Russia.Schoolkids used to wear uniforms in the Soviet Union, which were the same all over the country, however, after Perestroika and dissolution of the USSR schools changed the policies. Now kids in Russia are able to wear what they wish. A whole generation of Russians grew up without the need to dress like everyone else. But there are calls to reintroduce same style clothes in schools, which are gaining more support in recent years.

Russians: Bring back school uniforms

Residents of Russia favour bringing back school uniforms, according to 2018 survey by The majority of people think that the requirements for pupils to wear the same clothes is the right dress code solution for schoolkids. But there are also enough people who do not support this point of view.

The majority of Russian citizens consider school outfits to be an integral part of the educational process.

According to this year’s survey, 82% of Russians support the idea of a unified dress code for schoolchildren.

In 2013, the number of proponents of this view was significantly lower – only 66%.

The main argument for proponents of a uniformed approach is that the same outfits promote social equality: 33% of respondents adhere to this statement. Another important reason for reintroducing the uniform is that such approach promotes discipline (31%).

16% of survey participants believe that always having a neat and good-looking outfit is important for any pupil.

Only 15% of respondents wouldn’t like to see schoolchildren dressed in the same clothes. Nearly a fifth of the opponents are sure that kids can lose their identity by wearing unified outfits (19%). 32% of the opponents complain about the high prices of school clothes. Some of the opponents believe that every pupil has a right to dress the way he or she desires (17%). About every tenth person from the opposing camp thinks that introducing a unified dress code would be absolutely pointless (11%).

USSR school uniform.

In the USSR girls were required to wear chocolate coloured dresses and aprons: white aprons for special occasions and black aprons for casual days. (Image: Depositphotos)

Moreover, 65% of respondents think that teachers should abide by the rules of a unified dress code, too.

77% of Russians who support this point of view are aged 25 to 34, whereas older people are not that enthusiastic about the idea (57%).

Nearly one third of respondents don’t think that teachers need to wear a uniform (27%).

What do you think? Are uniforms good, bad or pointless?

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I am glad to read about it.

I did not find the original in English.
Are there any information from people, who do not support uniforms by income level? (In some countries mostly opposed the uniforms idea by the rich, who want to stand out with dressing.)

Uniforms for teachers THAT is outstandingly fine. Thats the best exemplar.

Russia is fine. 🙂


Robert, there is a link to the original in Russian, use Google translate to see all the data (simply translate the URL).


Checked the link before asking, as like the as the eng version.
With google (and others) had some funny experience/ results. Try never use for more than words if there are any other option.
Anyway did it (in the absence of other way), and find no data by income level.


Robert, then you know the answer, right? 🙂
Use this option, it works!


I thought that in most Russian schools children wear a uniform, don’t they? However, I don’t think this is a very good idea. Generally, the schools require to buy a unform from the particular producer which isn’t always qualitative but usually is very expensive. Moreover, children often feel uncomfortable, it would be better for them to study in the clothes they like.