Moon landing was fake, aliens are real, and scietists are hiding the truth.

Moon landing was fake, aliens are real, and scientists are hiding the truth. Russians are an interesting bunch. They believe in a secret World Government and are extremely superstitious.

The results of a recent survey by WCIOM show that Russians also believe that scientists are hiding the truth from us and there are aliens that came from other planets.

Aliens are real and scientists are hiding the truth

Previous surveys conducted in 2010-2017 showed that residents of Russia trusted scientists. The trust indicator varied from 66% to 79%.

But it all changed in 2018. This year’s poll by WCIOM showed that 59% or 6 out of 10 people in Russia no longer trust researchers running science projects. Instead, they think that scientists are hiding the truth from the general public.

Are people in Russia watching too many movies or do they really know something that we don’t?

Trust iin science.

Conspiracy theories grow in popularity in Russia

The highest level of distrust in scientists is among people who hadn’t completed the high school (77%). But it’s quite high among educated people as well: 45% of Russians with degrees distrust scientists.

About the same share of respondents are confident that scientists know the truth (42%) as the percentage of people who think researchers are sincerely mistaken (41%). Among the least educated people who hadn’t completed high school the share of participants who aren’t convinced that scientists know the truth was higher (54%).

Aliens research, Russia.

In total, 45% of respondents stated that they believed in the existence of extra-terrestrial life: 27% are convinced the aliens are hiding from the inhabitants of Earth and another 18% support the view that governments know about out-of-space visitors and have been conspiring to cover up the truth about living creatures from other planet that are already here. (42% do not believe in aliens and 13% didn’t give an answer.)

Think about that: 1 in 5 Russians believe in the government cover-up of aliens!

Aliens survey, Russia.

Not only that, 57% of respondents in WCIOM poll stated that Americans never landed on the Moon and the USA government faked it. Among people who completed high school level of education 65% support this view.

People who believe in truthfulness of the Americans’ landing on the Moon are in minority: only 24% or 1 in 4. Among people who trust researchers, a higher share of respondents supports this view (38%).

93% of survey participants agree that the Earth is round. In other words, most residents of Russia still support the view that our planet is a globe and not flat. Good news.

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Russians are smart, practical people and there are good reasons they believe these things. As for the moon landing, you don’t even have to be smart to figure that one out lol.