World Government exists, 2 in 3 Russians believe.

World Government exists, 2 in 3 Russians believe. According to WCIOM, a state-funded public opinion research centre, 67% of Russians believe in the existence of a secret World Government, which rules important processes on planet Earth and even controls countries’ authorities.

After the recent meeting of the USA President Donald Trump with Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and the widely divided opinions about its results, there are more questions than ever about some secret society that is behind major political and economical events on our planet. What makes Russians think that there is one?

There is a secret government that rules the world, 2 out of 3 Russians believe

Various conspiracy theories are widely popular in Russia, judging by a recent report by, results of which were published in July 2018.

67% of respondents to the survey conducted in late May 2018 stated they believed in the existence of a World Government (in 2014 the score was 45%). The research was based on phone interviews with over 2,000 respondents in all regions of Russia conducted by

  • Only 24% of respondents (1 in 4 people) do not believe in a unified planet-ruling body.
  • Young people are more skeptical than the older generation. Among the group of 18-24 years old 45% of respondents do not believe in a global ruling power, while among people aged 60+ only 16% said that there was no single governing body for the planet.
Responses to survey, table 1.

Survey results.

Survey responses, table 2.

Survey results.

Who is in the World Government?

Russians believe that the Earth is being ruled, first of all, by oligarchs, bankers, and financiers: 23% of respondents who believe in a unified planet-wide power stated so.

8% of adepts think that America rules the planet, while 6% of believers put politicians and heads of state in the team of worldwide managers.

Interestingly, 2% of the respondents believe that President Putin is in the said group of planetary managers. At the same time, only 1% pointed to Trump as a member of this group. The Queen of Britain and George Soros also got a tick of 1% each.
Table 4.

What are the planetary managers trying to achieve?

The goal of this Government is to achieve power and influence over all people, 30% of believers said. 16% of respondents named money and profits as the goal of this group of planet’s managers. 6% of respondents think the goal is population control. The same share of answers favoured ideas of personal benefits and “harming Russia” (both at 6%).

However, even believers don’t think that the World Government is omnipotent. 57% of believers said this group is only controlling part of processes (as compared to 33% in 2014). The title of the Russian version of the report on findings regarding a secret global power group translates literally, “Where from the threat to the world is coming?” We should also remember that in the Russian language the same word (мир) means “world” and “peace”, as well as the “society”, so such a title carries a triple meaning.

At the same time, 74% of believers think that the universal powers aren’t friendly towards Russia (there were 57% of people sharing this point of view in 2014).

MLG analysed how often the phrase “world government” was mentioned in Russian sources online and found over 22 thousand occurrences since 2011.

Table 3.

Easily influenced

Russians in general are highly superstitious. Even people who don’t believe in superstitions try not to break unspoken rules, just in case.

10% of believers stated they learned about the existence of the Earth’s general management via TV programs or read about it somewhere. The same share of adepts think that money rules the world, thus people with the most financial resources are the ones actually directing global processes to their own advantage. 32% of adepts can’t point out any reason for their beliefs.

Among the minority that doesn’t believe in the existence of such a group, 15% of answers point out that every country has its own government. 12% stated that it would be hard for a group of people to manage all the countries, while 45% couldn’t explain their point of view.

Survey results.

Survey results: Why people who do not believe in the existence of a global control centre think so?

Survey results, table 6.

Survey results. What share of processes the World Government can control and how friendly is it towards Russia?

Conspiracy theories

Videos on Russian YouTube popularizing various conspiracy theories collect hundreds of thousands of views.

Without doubts, general public isn’t aware of everything that’s happening behind the scenes. That’s what makes the topic so intriguing.

In western pop-culture conspiracy theories about a united power have constant reoccurrences, from books, games and series about reptiloids to movies like The Adjustment Bureau, where some behind-the-scenes men with superpowers pull strings to direct events on the global scale. In the movies, however, heroes manage to break through the orders of the secret planet-managing society, to viewers’ delight, and get on with life as they wish to see it unfolding.

What do you think? Is there a World Government or not? Why do you think so? Comment below!

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If there are one group of people who are suppose to know that there is a secret World Government, then it is those who grew up in all former Soviet states. It is also referred to as the “World Shadow Government”. Then it is important to understand that the secret World Government is anti-Christian. Those who are not Christian will never be able to understand the big picture and the eventual goal. One of the major events in world history was the communist revolution. The main reason behind it was the attempt to destroy Christianity, under the leadership of Tsar… Read more »