Moscow Woman Exposes Cheating SpousesOne Moscow female got sick and tired of cheating men in relationships, and decided to fight back, exposing unfaithful partners to their sweethearts, and breaking marriages and engagements in her path.

The Moscow Woman Exposing Cheating Spouses

“Katya” from Moscow, Russia, contacts unsuspecting men in stable relationships through social networks, insists on meeting them, and then takes photos or even videos of sex encounters, and sends them to men’s girlfriends and wives, reported

A few days ago we reported about 37 million users of the cheating portal Ashley Madison left red faced due to an attack of anonymous fighters for decency.

The Moscow Robin Hood in the skirt is targeting guys who are in serious relationships.

A 27-year-old resident of the Russian capital Sergey Eremin clearly stated in his profile, “I love my wife”. However, a pretty brunette with a nice body kept knocking on his profile’s door asking to be friends.

His friend Evgeny insists that initially married Eremin refused advances of the femme fatale. However, she continued to ask for a meeting, making innuendos about prospects of sex on the date. Eventually the loving husband succumbed to the charms of the sexy vixen, whom he never met before.

The meeting didn’t eventuate, but the treacherous Lady Macbeth forwarded their correspondence to Eremin’s wife, who left her husband and filed for a divorce.

A friend of the devastated spouse contacted “Katya” through the social networking site asking her why she was doing these things. He was told that Eremin wasn’t the first or the last of her victims, and she was meeting many men in this fashion. According to “Katya”, she was filming hot encounters in her car, and then forwarding the videos to wives.

Alexander Grechkin and his 20-year-old fiancée Julia Fartushina managed to survive the crack caused by the Moscow’s femme fatale.

After the story came out, other friends of Eremin admitted receiving offers from the same woman online. Some of them refused to meet, but others took the bait.

Another Muscovite, Alexander Grechkin, had a wedding planned, which is now cancelled. According to him, he only met the girl in a cafe. However, at the end of the meeting she asked for a selfie together, which was then emailed to his 20-year-old fiancée Julia Fartushina.

This couple had a lot of fights and problems, but they managed to sort out their relationship, and decided to give it another go. However, they had to reschedule their wedding because of the problem caused by the groom’s indiscretion.

According to, “Katya” insists she decided to become a challenger because she was tired of seeing women in a position of dependence, undervalued by their partners. She said that men were habitually cheating without being punished, and she wanted to change it. In 2 years she managed to convince 10 men to see her, and then contacted their wives or girlfriends.

According to “Katya”, she was still friends with some of the women who got tipped off about their wandering spouses, and that the changes were positive for the ladies. “The women flourish”, she insisted. The lady-bait said that she was single but one day would like to have a family.

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Comments of Russian readers

Commentators to the article on the Russian site are divided in their views. Most women support the conquistador, while the majority of men either express a desire to have a personal encounter with the mysterious lady, or predict that she will be physically assaulted in the near future, confirming that there is a serious problem with violence in Russia, which is seen as likely in any problematic situation.

Below are some of the comments:

Most commentators predict that “Katya” is likely to be physically assaulted in the near future.

“She will not live long if she continues…”

“I am surprised she still has unharmed limbs.”

“One day someone will break her legs and arms. Her playing will get to her.”

“This woman has something wrong with her head. She is probably taking a revenge for somebody’s betrayal. She enjoys breaking families. The child will now have to grow in an incomplete family, and will be traumatized by parents’ divorce and the scandal at the age of 3, and she enjoys it that the child is morally traumatized? She is a moral invalid, in one word.”

“These husbands deserved it! They should not have listened to such promises.”

“There are some crazy wives! The girl helps husbands to find wives who hate their husbands and fathers of their children… If your wife left you because of such a silly thing, imagine how she would behave if there was a more difficult situation.”

“If there are strong feelings, then no one can break them, and if it’s like this… it was meant to be.”

“How stupid one should be not to see a camera when having sex?”

“A man is polygamous by nature, and if he had sex with someone on the side, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his “official wife/girlfriend”. These “things” and love are absolutely different. All complaints should go to the Heaven’s Office!”

“I want to be lured like this.”

“Can I have her ID? I want to check my husband!”

“She will be found one day with a hole in her head.”

“Checking other people’s morals? This girl is a horrible person.”

“Recently there was a gang of men who were trying to get nude photos from girls through social networks, and then sending them to their husbands and families, and most people supported them in that they were “cleansing” the society from immoral women. Now they have a symmetric answer towards men, and how many angry comments towards this girl! Russia is the country where a woman is always guilty, from any side, and a man is always “white and fluffy”. Disgusting!”

“Katya simply opened the abscess of our society. From the comments it’s clear that 99% of men are cheating on their wives or are going to cheat. Rotten excuses like, “It’s not my fault, she came herself”, or “It’s just nature” (what, a human being is not the king of the nature?) do not change the fact that people behave inappropriately. Every man wants to marry a virgin and with that, be the first one for another 2 dozens of virgins. Why not? Because we have more women than men. This is why you die earlier than women, because of karma, and lies and betrayal shorten lives.”


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I think this woman is crazy. She is going to have sexy with a bunch of people in the name of justice. But in the end she is just screwing over week minded people.


In www everything is possible, that human brain is able to think. This principle most of the Internet users neglect. It is a mess to use the internet to fling. “Human dignity is inviolable”. And it seems to be, that this human right and some more, written down on paper on 26th of August in 1789, are still not known in all cultures, till today. The first human rights, thirteen altogether, are a good base to live together in harmony, if you ask me. For research www is a perfect place, but you must not forget the plausibility check. Feel… Read more »

Tad Perry
Tad Perry

Part of me wants to say: You go girl!

But, I really wish that she would not push the men who resist. Fighting one’s animal nature can be difficult. I think it’s enough that if the guy says “no” two or three times to just stop. He’s trying hard to be good. Help him be good. Do not ruin his relationship. He probably would never cheat with anyone except a girl that practically throws herself at him. As for the guys willing to meet her immediately, they deserve what they get, in my opinion.


I wouldn’t blame the girl. It must be their fate, it would happen anyway sooner or later. As for her own destiny though the face is fuzzy i bet she’s a cutie pie. Her body and hair is perfect. I believe she’ll meet her prince and everything will change.