Meet The Biggest Sex Stud of All Times — A Man with No PenisThe legend holds that you need to have a large penis to get lucky with ladies, but Manchester’s resident Andrew Wardle defies the conventional logic. He is the man with no penis, who had sex with more than 100 women in his 40-year life.

How To Have Sex with Women, According To The Man with No Penis

“I knew my way around a woman’s body, I knew my way around their mind,” Wardle states in the 1-hour documentary by TLC, inconspicuously named “The Man with No Penis”.

His secret?

“I was very confident in bed of what I could do to them so they wouldn’t come near me and they were finished and I was fine.”


Andrew Wardle, the man with no penis, had sex with more than 100 women and is engaged to be married to the Eastern European beauty Fedra Fabian.

Not only that: The 40-year-old is engaged to a 24-year-old Eastern European woman, who had sworn to see him through the series of operations to have his penis re-constructed, so he can have sex — and, possibly, even kids.

Now, that’s a fairy-tale.

The pair had been together for over 3 years, so it’s not something you can discount as a fluke.

Guys, if a gentleman with no penis could sleep with 100+ women and get engaged to a pretty girl 16 years younger, so can any man.

All it takes is to know what to do with women, the way around their mind and body. (Think VIP Coaching program.)

Women’s love and affection is more emotional than sexual. It’s been known for ages.

The Life of a Man with No Penis

Andrew Wardle was born with testicles but no penis. Due to a rare birth defect, which had to be corrected surgically, his bladder was located outside of his body. When surgeons finished their work, the young Wardle was left with lots of scars but no penis in the area of genitals.

His first operation had to occur when he was only 1, and even during school years he was in and out of hospital wards, which had him bullied at school.

the man without penis

Despite having bedded 100+ women, Wardle had some tough times and went through a depression.

This didn’t prevent him from having his first girlfriend at the age of 15.

He did tell his first girlfriend about his condition, and she was understanding — but then, they were only kids.

One of his other girlfriends punched him in the face when he told her that he had no male organ. This probably didn’t make Wardle too eager to initiate discussions with prospective girlfriends about his condition.

His fiancée Fedra Fabian is from Hungary. They met during a holiday camp, where both of them were working. The pair maintained a 2-year long distance relationship after the job appointment had been completed, with Fedra living in Hungary, and Andrew in UK. The remote nature of the relationship made it easier for him to avoid sex.

When Fedra finally moved in with him, Andrew created a story about a chip in his kidney. For 1 year, the good-looking Hungarian brunette was happy in a relationship with a man without penis, unsuspecting of any problem.

By the age of 40, Andrew decided he no longer cared what people thought of him, and it was time to state the truth about his predicament.

His idea? Arranging an interview with tabloids.

He told his girlfriend about his circumstances just before his interview was to be published in the newspapers — just the night before. Classy.

Do you think his gorgeous young girlfriend fainted or packed her bags? No.

She told him she would see him through his 2-year cycle of operations to have his penis re-created off his arm, as proposed by doctors. The surgeons are confident that Andrew may be able even to have children. Such is the state of the medical science we are able to benefit from today.

Now, this is the type of girlfriend that is every man’s dream.

The Bride of the Man Without Penis

Fedra Fabian is a personal shopper by trade. The young Hungarian was initially shocked when she found out about her boyfriend’s lack of genitals, although he tried to tell her early on, but it wasn’t an easy subject to discuss.


The bride of the man without penis thinks he is a truly wonderful man.

In her interview with Woman’s Health magazine, Fedra said she understood her boyfriend’s trepidation in revealing the fateful flaw:

“It’s easy to explain it if I put it in perspective: Just imagine you can’t have children because you have some illness, something that’s not your fault. And you start dating somebody you really like, and you feel like it might be love, and you need to tell them about your condition. You will be terrified, especially because you had really bad reactions in the past, relationships broke up because of it, but not because you’ve done something wrong or something you can change.

“To be completely honest, my brain stopped working. I was shocked, but when I got myself together, I told him we will do our best to work this out.”

She said it was reassuring that she knew the operations would have the things sorted out.

Having Sex with No Penis

Wardle believes that his defect might be just the reason why he could so easily get women. He wasn’t too eager to jump in the sack, and never pressured ladies for sex.

Andrew Wardle - the man with no penis

Andrew is undergoing a 2-year series of operations, which may allow him to have sex using his re-created penis.

When the time came, he was the perfect lover who knew how to please a lady, without asking anything for himself.

No wonder his friends admit he was somewhat of a “ladies’ men”, with a string of one-night stands under his belt.

The image of a “nice guy”, who was happy to “take the relationship slow” was something that women could easily connect with. Girls are most afraid to be used for sex by men. Not wanting intimacy early on is reassuring to women.

Andrew’s current girlfriend wasn’t obviously going without during the time they had been together, given his expert knowledge about a woman’s body and mind.

She thinks he is an amazing man, which she believes may be because of his defect:

“I do think it makes him more open and he can understand others more easily. What I noticed about Andrew (and liked straight away), is that he always asks questions and does not hold back his own answers. He has a beautiful, honest heart. He has a really strong sense of justice. He is a truly wonderful man!”

Problems and Solutions

The life of a man without penis wasn’t paved with rose petals, of course.

Andrew had undergone depression and even thoughts of suicide, coming one time very close to an execution.

To reconstruct his penis, he is now undergoing a 2-year series of operations, with the last one scheduled for the early 2016.


Andrew met another guy with the same defect: Leonard is a rocker and named his band after his condition.

The first time Wardle found out about a possibility to have a working penis through surgeries was when he was 33. Even after that, he still wasn’t completely set on the procedure. His current Eastern European girlfriend may be the catalyst of his transformation. They have been engaged since January 2015.

Finally, the man without a penis is positive about his future and prospects of enjoying life to its fullest.

Not only that, after coming out of the closet about his situation, Andrew met another man without penis called Leonard. The two men had a chat and compared the notes.

Leonard is a rock musician, who named his band after his condition, and who sings songs about it, and sells merchandize commemorating it.

Now, that’s therapy on a full-size scale.

A Man Without Penis Who Had a Child

The man who received the first ever successful penis transplant had made his girlfriend pregnant within 2 months of his operation.

The procedure was performed in Cape Town, South Africa, by surgeon Andre Van der Merwe. The name of the patient is withheld for ethical reasons. The baby was born and had been doing well. Microscopic surgery connecting blood vessels and nerves was used in the operation. Initially, the problem was caused by a problematic circumcision.

Previously surgeons performed a penis transplant operation in China, but the organ had to be removed due to severe psychological problems that developed in the patient, thus making the Cape Town procedure the first successful attempt.

9 more men are in the queue in South Africa to receive a penis transplant, having lost the organ due to cancer or other problems.

Are you still thinking you have problems with women? You may want to evaluate it in a different light.

Video: The Man With No Penis — Andrew Wardle’s Darkest Moments

Depression, drugs, and a suicide attempt — Andrew Wardle managed to put it all behind him, thanks to his Eastern European girlfriend (and now fiancée) Fedra Fabian.


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Well, at least I have a penis. Should I mention this in my profile?

“Hi ladies! We are Henk and his penis; we are looking for a lady to spend the rest of our lives with.” 😉


He will have to give up any hope of being a porn star though.


Reading this article made me really angry. Not once, but numerous times, it suggests that having sex with over 100 women is not only acceptable but a positive achievement. I feel sick and disgusted every time I hear another guy gloating about how many women he’s slept with, if a woman were to do this I’m sure you know what labels would be applied. Neither being a man nor being penis-less does not condone the serious lack of respect shown for others and himself. I could also say I’m not too eager to jump in the sack and don’t pressure… Read more »


The article and original story is simply a open account of a mans very personal and difficult position he has had to endure. Frankly Malcolm your personal feelings completely disregards the plight of this person and what he has had to endure. Whilst there is a typical media interview that intrudes into his history with women and experience you seem to be more interested in being judgmental on his character about how many women he has been and why . I would think the first thoughts and sensitivity would be about how cruel such a condition would be than to… Read more »


I hope that’s not really how you view everyone who uses your website. I’m sorry you think that way about me, I was not aiming to be judgemental, it must be a profound hardship and I could not imagine what he must have gone through. You’ve misunderstood my comments, none of my anger was directed at Mr Wardle or his ‘defect’, rather the article’s writers/editors portrayal of the information. As you rightly pointed out I am not a fan of people having multiple partners, however they justify it. I simply think that some comments in this article are taken out… Read more »


This is an inspiring story of courage and determination in the face of immense difficulties, and should make everyone who has a normal body thankful for their blessings. However, the notion that the penis is not important for sex is a pernicious one and at the root of the problems American men have with women. If the woman is not focused on the penis and especially on the pleasure of the penis moving in and out of her vagina, then she is saying, in effect, that she doesn’t need a man in her life. Whatever a man does during sex,… Read more »


… First of all…. my Heartfelt and deep appreciation to you Elena, for truly being a pioneer for creating this amazing, authentic and sincere website of Elenasmodels,com… It is very easy to feel, that you have a genuine concern and care for all involved women as men. I find it very touching to acknowledge, that you have put so much effort and love into creating this. So… from the bottom of my Heart… THANK YOU…! …. Also Heart-felt THANK YOU to Andrew Wardle for bringing up this whole concern and taboo about the penises…! I do truly do admire your… Read more »

Andrew Wardle
Andrew Wardle

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