IVF babies in Russia.

IVF babies in Russia.The process of in vitro fertilization is well-known both among Russian women and men, according to a recent public opinion poll. The majority of Russians have a positive attitude towards IVF and 17% of the locals know someone who used the procedure.

88% of Russians say ‘Yes’ to IVF

Russians are well-informed of the opportunities that IVF provides. The latest data from Wciom.ru shows that 17% of citizens have family, friends or acquaintances who used in vitro fertilization procedure.

  • The vast majority of Russians (97%) are aware of the existence of in vitro fertilization.
  • 88% of the respondents think it’s normal to conceive a child via this technology.
  • 68% of Russian citizens believe that children, whose parents used IVF, do not differ from kids conceived in a completely natural way.
  • 7% of interviewed Russians believe that such kids are very talented.

Almost 90% of survey participants feel that It’s better to use IVF than adopt a child.

Why some people are against IVF

10% of men said they’re dissatisfied that there’s such procedure like IVF. The same number of people would never use this reproductive technology for religious reasons (49% of Muslims, 27% of Orthodox believers). Similar thoughts were expressed by 37% of older respondents.

One-third of respondents believe that kids should be only born in a natural way. Men and young people aged 18 to 24 dislike the procedure more. They consider it to be an intervention into the processes of nature.

12% of respondents do not support IVF because the children could be mentally or physically handicapped. Almost every tenth respondent feels that adoption would be a better option than using the help of reproductive science. Such point of view appeared to be more popular among Muslims and young adults.

Nearly the half of the respondents reckons that in vitro fertilization is likely to result in having twins or triplets (42%).

61% of respondents believe that IVF is too expensive. This view is shared mostly by those aged 35 to 44.

In recent years patriarchal views are becoming more popular in Russia, with traditional roles of males and females being of a provider and a mother and carer. Most locals believe that the purpose of marriage is having kids, so if a couple is unable to conceive naturally, the option of trying to get a baby via other available options seems to be the next best thing for a couple to fulfil the ideal of a family.

Due to the long-lasting problem of low fertility rates (the number of births per woman), the government now is also trying to promote the idea of having 3 or more kids as the norm and the recipe for marriage bliss. Recently the number of deaths in Russia began to exceed the number of births, another worry for the largest country in the world.

IVF in Russia, baby shoes and mother expecting the child.

17% of Russians know someone who used IVF and 88% are in favour of using the procedure.

IVF in Russia

In Russia the procedure of in vitro fertilization is sponsored by the government in approved cases. It is also used when kids are conceived via a surrogate. Surrogacy in Russia is legal and reasonably priced, as compared to western countries, in many of which commercial surrogate motherhood is not allowed. Both couples and singles can use a surrogate mother in Russia to bear a child.

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