How to find love in 2015Today I found a joke on a Russian site about finding love in 2015. It said the following:

“I don’t understand, how people lived without Likes? How did they approach women? By introducing themselves in the street? This would be weird…”

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How to Find Love Today


Joke from a Russian site about finding love in 2015.

I agree with the author of the joke. Today if you want to find love, it would be weird to start by approaching women in the street.

In Russia, Ukraine, and all over the world single people meet online, because it’s easier and simpler, less embarrassing, and you know the person indeed wants to find someone if they placed their profile online. Bugging strangers in public places is certainly overrated, as compared to online dating.

Not only can you connect with girls in your own town, but also in other places of your country, or even the world. Similar to people travelling for vacations overseas, dating foreign women isn’t only for crazies anymore.

Young, good looking lads who managed to create their wealth online before the age of 30, are joining the ranks of love seekers who realized that limiting themselves by people living in the same location is just as unwise as going for holidays to the same place every year, only because you know everything about it.

Dating Women Internationally


Maria and Francesco from Spain are together for 6 years after meeting on EM.

Unless you subscribe to outdated “mail order brides” doctrines, meeting women internationally isn’t much different from dating girls in your home town. Similarly, you place your profile online and contact them, chat on phone (or Skype), and then get together in real life, if you feel that you both have mutual interest. Flying to Kiev from New York takes about as much time as getting to LA — and you don’t need a visa either.

There is no need in “letters”, as no one is doing it anymore anywhere. Post a like to her photo, send an EOI — if she likes you back, she will answer, if not, that’s simply the way it is.

It’s really this easy to find love. No need to court people who are not interested or try to “make” them answer you. The ideal love story includes 2 people who are both amazed that they could find someone who is so right for them. Not always this person lives next door, but surely in this big world there is a person who is perfectly matched to you, and wants to find someone like you. Just give it a go!


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Today the most popular place to meet the second half is internet. However, here you also should be patient. Don’t wait that already tomorrow the soul mate will knock in your mail box. Like in real life you can meet there wrong people as well. However, it shouldn’t kill your wish to continue searching. Try to think what you do wrong if you are still alone. Maybe the reason is in your manner of writing the letters or not enough photos and information in your profile?


As the nowadays technology evolves by leaps and bounds, people finally have an opportunity to choose from a wide range of potential partners all over the globe. Sometimes it happens so, that some individuals for some reasons cannot integrate into their native society (maybe personal mental setup matters, that one that don’t fit the common mentality), – today they can get over with their loneliness and find man or a women of their dream.


Nowadays people need to be more open to others in order to know who their friends are. Communicating we expand our horizons, change our attitude towards what is happening to us. And internet is an opportunity to feel the freedom. And we need to take this chance and use after getting rid of old stereotypes.