FSU women, who are they

FSU women, who are they FSU women is a term used to name all females from the former Soviet Union.

The meaning of the phrase ‘FSU women’

When you read online in forums or groups words ‘FSU women’, you may wonder what does it mean.

FSU is an abbreviation for ‘former Soviet Union’ or USSR.

USSR included 15 republics, which became independent countries in December 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, as we can read in the summary by TASS.

The brief history of why and how USSR had ended

The dissolution of the USSR (the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics) was the result of the Presidents of the 3 largest republics (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) signing a treaty to liquidate the Soviet Union on 8 December 1991.

  • On 21 December in Kazakhstan leaders of 11 former republics also signed a treaty that confirmed the decision taken by 3 leaders two weeks earlier.
  • Thus, President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, the initiator of Perestroika (1987), was effectively left without a country to manage.
  • On 25 December 1991 Gorbachev was forced to resign. On the same day the flag of the USSR was taken down over Kremlin and the old flag of Russia (pre-revolution 1917) was raised.
  • On 26 December 1991 all 15 republics became officially independent countries after the declaration by the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union.

Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union

Yes, USSR dissolved a long time ago! Over a quarter of a century. But many people still confuse women from the former Soviet republics (now independent countries), calling all women from these countries “Russian”, which is not correct. Even within Russia itself, there are dozens of different nationalities and autonomous republics, this is why Russia is called officially “Russian Federation”.

The term “FSU women” is more correct, but some people may not understand what it means. Now you know.

Former FSU countries.

Former USSR republics (now independent countries)

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Belarus
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Moldova
  6. Uzbekistan
  7. Kyrgyzstan
  8. Turkmenistan
  9. Tajikistan
  10. Azerbaijan
  11. Armenia
  12. Georgia
  13. Lithuania
  14. Estonia
  15. Latvia

The last 3 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) are now members of the European Union.

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