What you can buy for 1 US dollar in Ukraine.As of today, 1 US dollar is equivalent to about 28 Ukrainian hryvnia. In Ukraine, it’s enough to pay for a 3-4 kilometer (1.8-2.4 miles) ride in a local taxi or an hour-long session at an ice skating rink. Let’s find out what else you can buy for 1 US dollar there.

What can be purchased for USD $1 in Ukraine?

According to the survey by Segodnya.ru, one can purchase 3 cartons of milk, 3 loafs of bread or a ticket to a museum for $1 in Ukraine.

As for the museum tickets, this money is enough only for students and pensioners. Others will have to pay 30-40 hryvnia ($1.1-1.47). However, in provincial towns prices are lower. For example, a pass to the conservation area of Zaporozhskaya Sech in Khortytsia island costs just 18 hryvnia ($0.6) for an adult.

In addition, 50 pills of valerian (mild herb calming medicine popular in Ukraine) are available for that amount of money.

In case of a limited budget, it’s possible to grab a bite at a fast food restaurant. 1 dollar will be enough to buy a hamburger, large fries, a serving of orange juice or a cappuccino.

Some metropolitan hairdressers offer to wash hair for 25 hryvnia ($0.9). Also, a two-way trip to work in Kiev for residents of nearby suburbs costs about $1.

Obviously, the cost of living in Ukraine may be a big draw card for a foreign tourist.

There he can afford to purchase more than in his home city. Ukrainian cities are recognized as the cheapest in Eastern Europe not to mention EU countries.


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It’s also possible to get 7 rides by mini bus (a taxi van), buy 1 kg of buckweat, nearly 2 kg of sugar, 2 bottles of beer, 2 packs of cigarettes. 28 hryvnia is not a lot…