Best Russian universities.

Best Russian universities.The time to enter universities in Russia has come to an end for 2018, and here is the ranking of most popular higher educational institutions in the country.

Top 10 most popular Russian universities

The popularity ranking is derived from mentions in the media, thus the list you see shows the schools that journalists are talking about most often.

  • 7 out of 10 most popular higher education institutions are located in Moscow, the country’s capital.
  • One of them is in the “Northern capital”, which is what locals call St. Petersburg.
  • The Far East region is the most remote part of Russia with its centre Vladivostok. It takes 7 days by train to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok, which is much closer to Korea and Japan that to the rest of Russia cities.
  • Kazan is the capital of a large autonomous republic, Tatarstan.

The recent rating by WCIOM is derived from media monitoring by the company and shows how many times the particular institution was mentioned.

Top 10 most popular universities in Russia.

Top-13 best Russian higher educations institutions

The second ranking is from the Times Higher Education Ranking, which lists all the world’s top schools.

There are 13 Russian educational institutions listed in the top-800.

Best universities of Russia.

2018 ranking lists only 13 schools from Russia in top-800 worldwide.

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University is also listed as #1 of all Russian schools, with its own dedicated ranking of 194. Being in the top 250 schools of the world makes this alma mater a highly desirable place to get an education.
  • Other popular schools that are in the world’s top 400 are Moscow’s Institute of Physics & Technology and Higher school of Economics, both located in the capital of Russia. Tomsk Polytechnic University is located in Siberia and also made into world top-400.
  • 5 Russian universities placed 401-500 and 2 are ranked 501-600.
  • 3 more schools are ranked 601-800.
Lomonosov State University, Russia.

Lomonosov State University in Moscow (MGU as locals call it), is recognized as the highest ranked educational institution in the country. The magnificent building is located on Sparrow Hills and visible from far away.

There is a sizable share of foreign students that study in Russian tertiary education schools, since prices for degrees are much lower there than in western colleges. Obviously, not all of them are rated high enough to make it worthy to obtain a degree and each country has its own regulations on accepting diplomas obtained in the Russian Federation. The majority of foreign students that study in Russia come from African and Asian countries.

A recent poll showed that people in Russia no longer believe it’s necessary to have a degree in order to succeed in life. This trend is especially strong among younger people under 35.

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All Russian universities do not have suitable education ways for teaching young people , the best Russian university situated on 115th place in the list of the best universities in the world, I think it is a real indicator of problems in education in this country, so government has to start changing the educational system .