Best hotels in Odessa, Ukraine.Odessa, the most exuberant Ukrainian city, is known for its easy-going atmosphere and great natural environment. Numerous palaces and theaters along with countless restaurants and pubs attract millions of tourists every year. The atmosphere is saturated with light-hearted humour. Inhabitants of the city are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Besides, it’s situated right on the Black Sea, offering miles of amazing beaches.

No matter where you go, the place you stay at is important. It can make your trip truly unforgettable. If you are dating Ukrainian women, any girl would be excited to meet you in Odessa (Odesa), which is the country’s favourite holiday destination.

Look through the ranking of the best hotels in Odessa to pick the accommodation that is perfect for your vacation.

Best hotels in Odessa: Where to stay

Tripadvisor is a web portal where visitors rank their accommodation choices, and this is what the situation looks like in 2017.

Travelers’ choice: Top 10

  1. Premier Geneva Hotel

This place is located in the very heart of Odessa, on the first street built in the city. This charming place is ideal for any kind of tourism, from a short business trip to a journey.

Sabsukene from the UK notes that even its cheapest room is spacious and tidy.

You can book a suite there for 54-107 US Dollars per night.

Premier Geneva Hotel

This boutique hotel’s central location allows easy access to points of interest. Image:

  1. Frederic Koklen

It’s a unique place situated in Odessa’s historic center.

Each room of the hotel is designed in classic style with characteristic features of French, English or Spanish decor.

Excellent customer service and wonderful in-house restaurant complete the picture.

The prices range between $84 and $135 per night.

Frederic Koklen


  1. Aleksandrovskiy

Aleksandrovskiy is primarily a business hotel located within a walking distance to Odessa’s main attractions like Deribasovskaya Str., Cathedral Square, Primorski Boulevard or Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The most part of its guests feels satisfied with the friendly staff, tasty food, and nice suites.

Besides, the prices are quite reasonable.

The prices start from $37 for a standard suite and reach $189 for a luxurious terrace suite.


If you’re going for a business trip and look for moderate prices, it can be a perfect choice. Credit:

  1. Ayvazovsky

The hotel is located just several meters away from the well-known Opera House and Philharmonic Theatre.

Its building was built in 1852 and reconstructed in 2007.

The place, named after the outstanding artist, displays over than 80 of his paintings.

As many visitors write, the place is comfortable and hospitable and feels like at the museum.

The prices are between $55-78 per night.


It is an excellent place both for business trips and holidays. Credit:

  1. La Gioconda

It’s a fabulous place set in a beautiful seaside area of Odessa. At the same time, it is not far from the main city’s attractions.

With outstanding sea views, the hotel combines old-fashion exterior design with latest technologies providing everything needed for the travelers.

According to the visitors’ reviews, La Gioconda offers comfortable rooms and a big choice of delicious food.

The prices range from $138 for a standard room and $372 for a luxurious suite.

La Gioconda

If you enjoy seaside views, this option would be just perfect. Picture:

  1. Bristol Odessa

This business hotel has been offering a quality service for more than a century.

Its interiors recreate an atmosphere of the Baroque era. In addition to unique accommodation and impeccable service, it provides spacious rooms for business meetings, conferences, and even summits.

Bristol is also ideally placed for visiting Odessa’s sights.

As the travelers note, the place has an exceptionally good spa with a swimming pool, sauna, and hammam.

The minimum price is about $116 for a mansard room and $965 for a presidential suite.

Bristol Odessa

Those who appreciate luxurious surroundings and courteous staff will appreciate Bristol. Picture:

  1. Wall Street

It’s a brand new hotel located right in the center of Odessa.

Most visitors like the hotel’s “super friendly” and “smiley” staff. Besides, everything is new, super clean and shiny.

Prices range from $39 to $80 per night.

Wall Street

Simple and stylish. Photo:

  1. London

London hotel is situated in the park area where you can enjoy the silence of the beautiful surroundings.

At the same time, it is several minutes away from the port and the center of the town.

As Maiju J writes in his review, the place is clean and its staff is friendly and helpful.

Liana M adds that the food is delicious with very nice breakfasts.

Moreover, you can come across some funny things like the small statue of Big Ben in front of the hotel so that you don’t miss it.

The prices are between $48-232 per night.

Hotel London.

The atmosphere in the hotel is calm and quiet. The restaurant offers fabulous European and Indian cuisine. Photo: Facebook Hotel London

  1. UNO Design

This hotel is also centrally located, just ten minutes walk from sights such as Odessa Opera and Ballet house.

The interior is certainly unique and unusual.

But the most important thing is that the most part of the guests had very good service provided by always smiling and efficient staff.

The prices range from $47 to $243 per night.

UNO Design

Uno Design has rather bright and unusual décor. Photo:

  1. Duke

The hotel is located behind the Opera House in the heart of the city.

It’s an excellent place with a very good restaurant, beautiful rooms, and respectful staff.

The building has vintage architectural style but inside it is modern and recently renovated.

Most visitors recommend the place as a beautiful and high-level boutique hotel.

The prices are around $85-373 per night.


Duke hotel is described as a modern and comfortable place. Photo:

The 10 best value hotels in Odessa

If you sort the ranking by value, you’ll get a bit different choice of locations.

  1. Premier Geneva Hotel on Yevreiska street in the heart of Odessa. $54-107
  2. Aleksandrovskiy on Aleksandrovskiy Avenue which is close to the main attractions. $37-189
  3. Ayvazovsky on Bunina Street in the central part of the city. $55-78
  4. Frederic Koklen on Nekrasova Lane in Odessa’s historic center. $84-135
  5. Hotel Deribas on Derebasovskay Street in the heart of the historical center of Odessa. $24-63 per
  6. Kurortny on Kurortnyj pereulok, ten minutes to the beach. $15-26
  7. UNO Design on Rishelyevskaya Street, centrally located. $47-243
  8. Mirny Resort on Fontanskaya Road street, 15 minutes from the center. $28-56
  9. Princess on 9th Station of Bolshoy Fountain, not far from the beach. $29-52
  10. Mozart on Lanzheronivska street near the Opera theater and Theater Square (central part of the city). $56-280

Where locals stay: Top 10

The most popular hotels according to Trivago service are:

  1. London on Uspenska street in the quiet park area (not far from the center). $48-232
  2. UNO Design on Rishelyevskaya Street, centrally located. $47-243
  3. Palace Del Mar on Hrustalny Lane, a former private villa with a great swimming pool (open 24 hours). It’s located on the Black Sea shore in Arcadia district. $224-710
  4. Duke on Chaikovskogo Lane, which is situated behind the Opera House in the heart of the city. $85-373
  5. Boutique Hotel California on Yevreyskaya Street in the center of the city. $59-299
  6. Panorama De Luxe on Mukachevskiy Lane in the park zone near the beach. $104-252
  7. Londonskaya on Primorskiy boulevard (center of the city), the largest spa hotel in Ukraine. It’s the first hotel in Odessa built in 1827. $65-164
  8. Gagarinn on Gagarin Plateau in the resort area of Arcadia. $41-104 per
  9. Frederic Koklen on Nekrasova Lane in Odessa’s historic center. $84-135
  10. Black Sea Bugaz in Odessa region, resort Gribovka “Gold Bugaz”. It’s located right on the beach, several meters from the water’s edge. $57-141


The most expensive destination in Ukraine is Odessa, ahead of Kiev.Read also:

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I stayed at the Premier Geneva two years ago, and I had no idea that it was on the first street built in the city. It is a quaint little place. Many good things about it including not too busy, very friendly staff, tasty breakfast on the bottom floor, good value, and very close to everything. The rooms aren’t too luxurious but you don’t want to be spending all your time in there anyway. I was able to walk just about everywhere that was in the center of the city. Primorsky Boulevard was beautiful to walk down at night, with… Read more »