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Best Personal Posts from Blogs — January 2016


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All the holidays! I hope you all had a good time! I wish you a lot of happiness in 2016 and find your love 🙂


The New Year at St. Sophia Square in Kiev near the Main Christmas Tree of Ukraine met over 70,000 residents and guests of the city. Many people celebrated the New Year at the Song Festival Grounds and the other central squares of the city, which were specially decorated for the holidays.


I wish to all to find their Love! Prosperous and Happy New Year!!!


Decided to start the new year by giving Elena Models another go might even find the love of my life here soon 🙂


Happy New Year!!! I wish you good health!!! Welfare!!! Prosperity!!! Execution of your wishes!!! I hope this year will be successful for all of us.))


Wishing you in the new year all the things you cannot buy: health, love, happiness, and good friends.


Happy new year from the USA! I hope to meet you in the year ahead!


Today I dedicate laziness… and planning.


Happy New Year! Let the Monkey in the New year Gifts will not bring a lot: Good luck, joy, laughter, Great happiness and success!


Wishing you all a delightful, bright, inspiring New Year!! May every day of the new year glow with love, joy, happiness and success for you and yours. Happy New Year!!


Wish you guys to find the love of your life in 2016!


Happy New Year. May this be the year that brings peace, joy and happiness to you and your family. Sincerely, Richard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


S novym godom. May 2016 bring you the best.


Best wishes for the new year everyone.


Happy New Years to all you amazing ladies from across the Atlantic!!!


Today it is -8°C. Small snowflakes are entwined and twisted in many circles on the roads like flowers and ribbons in the traditional wreaths of Ukrainian women. Everywhere is the smell of fir trees and mandarins. All including the weather is usually preserved to the Orthodox Christmas, i.e. January 07.


Happy New Year to ALL! Let your most sincere dream comes true!


Life is difficult. Finding that right person is difficult. People choose another for various reason, looks, age or by location in world. But in the end, the real reason escapes them making them unhappy. Looks fade, but what is inside never fades away. This part makes us who we are towards all.


Firstly, today is my birthday, so I wish all the best for myself. Secondly, in anticipation of the Orthodox Christmas, the real ethnic show was arranged in the Ivan Honchar Museum, which was showcasing the culture of Ukraine and preserving Ukrainian folk art.


Fun day with my kids, first, movie at cinema, then haircuts for a couple of us. Back home, salmon for dinner, watch MN Football. During the game, we go outside and throw a glow-in-the-dark ball. So dark, you can only see the ball, not each other, very cool! Beautiful night even though so dark!


Mistakes can be the best teachers, because they hurt and they cost me something and I’m better and strong because of it. So if you want to make changes in your life, you had to get the changes in your life.


‘The Leaning Tower of Pisa’ has recently appeared in Kiev, since the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Sophia leaned towards the Independence Square on 12 cm. The large-scale construction on the surrounding streets led to the raising of groundwater and created the conditions for this phenomenon.


I think that our life would be boring without travelling :)))


I saw the film Point Break, wanted the adrenaline of surfing, snowboarding… what did you feel after watching this film?

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