2 Ukrainians walked 2000 km barefoot2 Ukrainian guys walked 2,000 km (1,242 miles) across the country barefoot. It took Ivan Onysko and Yuri Reglis 100 days to cover the distance.

Barefoot through Ukraine

The route ran through countless beautiful places of Ukraine.

The guys started their incredible adventure in Uzhhorod in western Ukraine. Kharkiv in the eastern part of the country was the final point of the trip.

As Ivan and Yuri noted, they wanted to promote internal tourism and encourage people to learn more about their own country.

The guys didn’t pack any luggage. The only things the two Ukrainians took were:

  • Mobile phones
  • Toothbrushes
  • Passports

And that’s all. No clothes, pills or medicine, and no footwear. They didn’t even take any money!

The trip

The first two weeks were quite hard—men’s feet were not used to barefoot walking. Luckily, it was the only trouble they had to endure.

The whole adventure developed successfully. Lots of people followed walkers on Facebook and sent their best wishes.

What is more interesting, the guys always had a place to stay for the night. Every day they managed to meet someone who offered them a place to sleep and a tasty dinner, Kp.ua reports.

“We have never spent a night in the street and never went hungry—and if we had to ask people to stay the night at their homes, we never had to ask for food. Our country is really cool!” Ivan said.

During the trip, the guys even found a new friend—a cheerful dog they called Bosa. However, the dog was twice as happy. Her new owners happened to be vegetarians. All the meat they were offered the travellers gave to the dog.

From time to time the men met a passersby who joined their trip for a couple of hours or days.

Now that the trip is over, Ivan and Yuri feel a bit tired of instability. But they are filled with new emotions and ideas. One of them is to make a film about their trip and, perhaps, to write a book.

Barefoot through Ukraine

Today the adventurers are thinking about writing a book about their trip.

Top 6 places in Ukraine recommended for visiting by Yuri and Ivan

  1. St. Miklos castle located in the village of Chinadievo in Transcarpathian region
  2. An old timber church in Drohobych
  3. St. Michael`s Cathedral in the city of Zhytomyr
  4. The Steep banks of the Dnieper river
  5. Oposhnya village—a pottery capital of Ukraine
  6. Vladimirovka village, Slobozhanskiy National Park in Kharkiv region

Photos: Facebook Prostoboso


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Bright example of unbreakable Ukrainian spirit! I admire those people and hope that they will make a film about their journey! It’s a great way to show everyone how open and kind-hearted people can be! Few years ago I walked the distance of 40 kilometers through 5 small towns and villages just for fun, but these guys went much further than that!