photos-profileIf every time I saw a horrible profile photo I was getting a dollar, I wouldn’t need to work anymore. For some unknown reason, posting awful profiles pictures on dating sites seems to be a never-ending trend.

Bad Photos Vs. Good Photos

Most guys are uploading such poor quality photos that a few smart blokes who have decent shots smile all the way to the Inbox: Girls like them and happy to date them.

If you are not getting the response you would like to get, or if you are getting rejected a lot, the reason might be simple: Your profile photo.

Would you like to know what you need?

Bad Photos Vs. Good Photos

Follow the tips to get great photos.

4 tips for a great photo:

  1. Brush your hair and shave or trim your beard.
  2. Put on an ironed light-coloured, long-sleeved, collared shirt.
  3. Stand up in a well-lit place with picturesque or neutral background (even a plain coloured wall is OK).
  4. Smile!

That’s it. You will get a nice photo.

What to avoid:

  • No sunglasses, hats, or hoodies.
  • No gloomy facial expressions.
  • No messy or dirty backgrounds.
  • No untidy, worn out clothing.
  • No hairy arm pits, chests, or legs.

Keep it clean, plain, and simple.

It’s very easy to get a great photo for your dating profile on the site, just realize (because you are smart) that you need one.

Photo Disasters

Photo Disasters

The worst photo ever — the bathroom selfie.

It is the worst photo ever: The bathroom selfie.

The proverbial “worst of the worst” in dating profile pictures is the setup with a toilet or a bath in the background. If it doesn’t make her throw up when she sees it in your profile, then she can eat a 7-day-old leftovers of a steak pie with no problems.

Unfortunately, girls like this are rare.

If you want to have a decent chance, get a decent photo.

If you have no friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and are unable to ask a stranger in a street to take a picture of you, then try a camera store: They have selfie sticks (monopods) and tripods.

Use the time delay function on your phone and do it yourself — but for the love of Lord, don’t upload bathroom selfies into your profile on dating sites!

Not on a Russian dating site, not on any other. It’s really, really a dreadful idea.

How Many Photos Do You Need?

You need at least 3-4 photos, up to 10, but only choose the shots you like. Your main photo should be preferably in a collared shirt, but you can be dressed differently in secondary pictures.


Present yourself on your photos as if you can take care of yourself.

If you think you are not attractive, don’t try to hide your face from girls: Hire a professional photographer.

  • Professionals know their way around equipment and will be able to take a picture that is rather good looking.
  • Even guys who could never be accused of being handsome become pleasing on the eye when the photos are made by a professional. It’s not vain: It’s smart.
  • And the opposite, not having a photo or having a bad quality photo on a dating site is simply unintelligent and a waste of time.
  • Professional photos will last you at least 12-18 months, after which it may be sensible to get new ones, if you are using them for dating.

If you are using pictures for professional purposes, such as business cards (people remember you better if you have a photo on your card) or social networking sites, then it’s OK to have images that are 2-5 years old. Politicians do it all the time.

Getting Cheap Photos

Getting Cheap Photos

Ask your friend to make nice photos of you.

To save on professional photos, see if you can get a student to take your pictures, they will be happy to do it for $50-200.

Some professional photographers will take pictures for free, if you give them the rights to sell images on photo stock websites. (Not recommended: You never know where your pictures may end up.)

If you don’t mind to become slightly famous and have your face on ads online, check sites like, which allow non-professional models and actors to find gigs. These sites have photographers looking for people to model for free in exchange for photos. You will be required to sign a model release, which will allow the photographer to use your images as they see fit, sell them, etc.

If you would be happy to get your face plastered on dozens of websites, why not start a career of a male photo model? They need people of all ages and looks, and it may be a win-win solution for getting great photos.

However, the simplest option is still to ask a friend to take 100-200 pictures of you (phone camera is OK for the purposes of using images in a dating profile online). Then simply select the shots you like the most.

In short, getting cheap and good photos is easy. It’s definitely easier than suffering multiple rejections due to the fact that your photos suck.


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What true tips! You may be the most handsome, galant and brutal guy ever with character traits which every woman want to see in the man of her life, but nobody would want to answer you if your profile photos are of a bad quality or they don’t reveal real you. I’d recommend to avoid group photos as well.


Every day I notice a lot of awful selfies with bad light, bad camera’s quality and “cut” faces. As for me, these characteristics of the photos are the worst and make the person look uglier. And, sure, I hate photos taken in bathroom. I think it’s better to find somebody who has a good camera and can take beautiful pictures.


The most important thing is to look natural. You should be yourself in the photo. If you are a shy introvert there’s no use exposing all your 32 teeth – it will just look fake. Just stay cheerful and smile free as you always do. And don’t let your photos be too official. Post several snaps that reflect your personality.


Totally agree – photos are very important, because they help us to form our opinion about the person. But it seems that some people work really hard to make their photos look as repulsive as possible. And yes, the bathroom selfies are terrible, I’m looking forward to the day when people stop making them


The world would become a better place, if everyone followed these tips 😀 Image is always important. It gives the first impression which can hardly be ever forgotten, especially when it comes to dating. I don’t understand people who don’t care about it at all.


To have an interesting prifile with perfect photos you shouldn’t be stupid! It is obviously not to have a selfie in the WC. Just be frank and natural. It is rather easy. Even without any professional help.


I guess the silliest thing a girl can do is to try contouring her face in attempt to look slimmer on selfies! There is so much risk of looking like a leopard on the photo rather than Kim Kardashian! So, girls, behave! You’d better not try contouring unless you’re a make up pro!

Little fox

Oh, I really want to look in the eyes of the man who invented the bathroom selfie, it’s awful! In general, I believe that every man, taking a thousand photos of his “great” face in a day, is stupid. Or, maybe, he has just nothing to do. Adequate people usually take good and as far as possible qualitative photos. Just don’t be a fool.


Maybe it’s my feature but I always surprised when meet in real:) Looking on photo I see one person- but meet another:) I think it happens because most of us tried to look more attractive than we are, and maybe sometimes use Photoshop or something.