Women are nicer than menGender differences have been always a popular topic in the news. Are women and men so dissimilar?

Everyone has a point of view on the topic, but in fact, some differences are quite obvious. A special computer analysis allowed to confirm that there is a strong gender division exists when it comes to topics of conversation and choice of words. The study results show that women are more agreeable and warm than men.

The smart computer program could easily determine the gender of a user by the choice of words, Science Daily reports.

Are women nicer than men?

The computer program analyzed around 10 million messages sent by 65,000 Facebook users in order to examine the vocabulary of men and women. It turned out that women are warmer and more polite in their conversations. Their vocabulary includes words like baby, wonderful, thankful, excited.

The vocabulary preferences of men include a rather different language. They often talk about power tools and use the words like battle, enemy, freedom, win, lose.

These language differences have been studied by the researchers including psychologists and computer experts from the USA and Australia.

Are women nicer?

According to the new research, women are warmer and more polite in their conversations.

The study of language preferences allows to better understand the complexity and diversity of gender differences between the sexes.

It may seem that the findings merely reiterate familiar stereotypes that women mostly discuss the issues of family and fashion. However, if the previous studies suggest that men are more assertive, this research does not support such theory, according to H. Andrew Schwartz, one of the authors of the study and an expert in computer sciences at Stony Brook University. Vice versa, the scientists came to the conclusion that women are even more assertive.

Most likely it is caused by the change in women’s position in modern societies. Ladies become more confident and businesslike. This is naturally reflected in their vocabulary usage, even at the level of correspondence in social networks.

Also, men and women prefer different topics of conversation. Women often talk about friends, family, and social life. Men tend to swear more and often use angrier words. Besides, they discuss objects more than people.


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That’s because hidden deep in the minds of all men, there is a tiny part of us who thinks we’re like this:
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Where did you find a picture of me?

Honestly I think a lot of this comes from traditional gender roles, and by that I don’t mean cultural gender roles but we humans grew up in hunter/gatherer tribes for most of our existence so it would be natural for men to communicate differently then women. Do this study in 10 years and I am willing to bet that men and women are less different in language. This will be both good and bad, like all things


I do not want to listen to about gender equality. Although I’m sure that women must have the same rights as men. Including – they do not spend time in the kitchen for a day. Each of women or men can find a job according to their abilities. Without gender policies.


For men, the words is a way to share information, so they use more specific phrases, speak straightforwardly about what they think. For women, the conversation is primarily the exchange of feelings, emotions, hence they use sweet words, gentle tone.


I guess the aim of this study is to reinforce the stereotype of gender differences. Of course, it is predictable that the results will be the same as described in the article, but it is only because people play their social role even in facebook messages.


Our world needs both of us, men and women. Girls, surely, sometimes may be a little bit capricious, though everyone can forgive them this fact because of their cute smile 🙂 Without men a world doesn’t have any sense. Just think about this: who would defend the weaker sex if there weren’t any strong men?)


There is no doubt that men and women are different. That is evident not only because of a gender but also because of people’s occupation, that influences greatly their speech and vocabulary usage. As to me, I think that women are more emotional, expressive and reasonable. Men in their turn are more brutal, laconic and have analytical minds. However, all that is rather relative and can be quite the opposite in some situations.


To be honest, it is the truth that women nicer than men. In my opinion, women are luckier than men. In fact, if the woman is not very beautiful by nature, it is not a problem because it can be corrected using makeup))But men like when a woman is beautiful by nature:)