The most popular Asian country among Russian touristsAssociation of Russian tour operators revealed the list of Asian countries popular among local travellers. Thailand is the top destination in Southeast Asia among Russian tourists.

The most popular Asian country among Russians

According to the research, more than 550 thousand Russians visited Thailand in the first half of 2016.

The number of tourists who spent their holidays in Thai resorts grew by 18.2% as compared to the same period last year.

Rated just behind Thailand, Vietnam is praised for its diversity, breathtaking nature, and exotic culture. More than 204 thousand beach lovers from Russia visited the republic this year (an increase by 21%).

Other Asian countries were considerably less popular among travelers from Russia, reports.

  • Only 37,000 people opted to spend their holidays in Indonesia. Yet, their number was up by 18.5%.
  • Singapore came fourth with 35 thousand tourists visiting the island in 2016. Its popularity hasn’t changed much since 2015.
  • The demand for tours to Cambodia has never been high due to unaffordable prices. On average, it costs around USD $1500 per person to holiday there. Only 27 thousand travelers could afford that in 2016, which was a decrease of 13,5%.
    The most popular Asian country among Russians

    No other Asian destination is so popular among tourists from Russia as Thailand.

The holiday season is ending in Russia. Nevertheless, many ladies try to prolong their summer by flying to beach resorts. You can also bring more sun and joy into your life by joining your girlfriend on her trip.

Or you can take a trip to her home country and enjoy your time admiring the most colorful season of the year in Russia or Ukraine. Poets of all the times loved this time and called it, “golden autumn”. Certainly, it would be an unforgettable experience for you.


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Indonesia for most of Russian tourists is almost unreachable. If Thay is quite near, Indonesia seems far-far away. But I’m absolutely sure, that each and every person is dreaming about this country. 37 thousand from over 5 million people – quite small. People, who can afford travelling, prefer Malawi, Izrael of other countries that are closer. But it’s quite a paradise.


Last year I visited Thailand and fell in love with this country. Now I understand why so many people choose Asia for their vacations. But I don’t agree that most Asian countries are unreachable for ordinaly people. My own experience shows, if you want to save a lot of money you should organize your trip by yourself (I mean searching for cheap flights and lodging).


This is true. Just last week, I met an older Russian couples whom I share a dinning table with at
this “off the tourist” trail. Food was delicious and very inexpensive.


I like Asia since I was a child. When I was a child I dreamed about traveling. I often imagined how I visit different countries. I hope that my childhood dream will come true. At start I want to visit Singapore. Also I dream to make an acquaintance with an Asian guy.


Traveling to South East Asia is easy to do. Singapore is small and I am not sure it should be your first destination to Asia. I am Asian but live in Florida. Hope this help.


Also, India gains popularity among Russian tourists. Tours to Goa cost not very expensive and the country is really interesting and colorful. Beautiful nature, wide sand beaches, delicious cuisine, and friendly people – what can be more attractive for tourist who want to spend the vacation near the sea?