Reasons to date a Ukrainian girlUkraine is a country in Europe between Poland and Russia. Courting Ukrainian girls became quite a popular option among western bachelors. Cute and sweet ladies in currently fashionable embroidered blouses smiling from the pages of online dating sites seem warm and welcoming.

So, why would you date Ukrainian women if you are living in the USA, UK, or Australia?

4 reasons why dating Ukrainian girls is a great idea

1. You can date a prettier and younger woman

Surely, you have tried local personals and dating sites. Maybe you managed to score a few dates. Did you like the women you met? I guess if you did you wouldn’t be reading these tips. So, if you are disappointed with the quality of women available to you at home, you definitely can find some Ukrainian girls who will think that you are wonderful.

It’s not because she wants to get out of poverty and move to your country. (She will be actually more excited if you tell her you want to move to Ukraine—try it.) It is because there are 86 men in Ukraine for 100 women. Some girls simply cannot find a man to date.

1. You can date a prettier and younger woman

Lots of pretty Ukrainian girls simply can’t find a man for a serious relationship in their country. They would be happy to meet him online.

2. You can learn another culture

The world is growing smaller and cultures are getting closer. Ukraine is a Christian country with a long history. Your Ukrainian girlfriend will be happy to tell you more about it. It’s like having your very own tutor and guide.

Beautiful Ukrainian girls

Don’t have a girlfriend? Connecting with gorgeous young ladies has never been simpler.

3. Americans and Europeans travel to Ukraine without visas

If you decide to visit Ukraine, all you need to do is to jump on a plane—after purchasing tickets online, of course. Booking a hotel is also easy on the Internet. And if you manage to build a good relationship with your online girlfriend, she will be happy to let you stay at her place, which saves even more money when traveling. Odessa and Kiev can impress with their monuments and modern facilities, and prices are the cheapest in Europe for tourists.

3. Americans and Europeans travel to Ukraine without visas

If you decide to visit Ukraine, your online girlfriend will be excited to show you her country.

4. Ukrainian girls are really nice

Women from Ukraine are known for their devotion to family values and easy-going personalities. Family and having a loving partner occupy 3 top spots in 10 things that make Ukrainians happy, according to the latest research.

You will have a chance to chat to your lady on video many times and you will notice the difference in how ladies behave. It’s great when someone is treating your nicely, isn’t it?

If you are now thinking about giving this idea a try, on you can contact 20 pretty Ukrainian ladies for free!

Please note: 20 free Expressions of Interest are granted on approval of your profile.

Marriage to a girl from Ukraine: Anastasia & Francois.

One of Elena’s Models happy couples: Anastasia from Ukraine & Francois.


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I have more questions. I’ve seen a lot of ladies’ profiles and they say that they’re”family oriented,” yet they don’t want kids, how can a Russian/Ukrainian lady call herself ” family oriented” if she doesn’t want kids? Would it also make my Russian/Ukrainian lady smile if I decide to have dual citizenship with either Russia or Ukraine?


Very cheesy greasy reasons!!
You can date a prettier and younger woman in many other countries too including China, Thailand, Philippians …! It’s not just Ukraine!
Any country has a different culture that you can learn too (what was this you brought up as a reason?!)
Really? Only Ukraine is where Americans can travel without visa? How about to Philippians? Thailand? Mexico? Hong Kong …? And then visa exemption is the reason for dating?!!
Nice?!! from who’s point of view?!