Survey Results: How Many Online Relationships People HavePeople dating internationally or long distance often have online relationships that last weeks, months, or years. We asked Elena’s Models users about their experiences and how many serious online relationships they had, which they started via a dating site.

The results of this survey are published below.

How many serious long distance online relationships have you had?

1007 users answered the poll.

  • None: 48.6% (489)
  • 1-2 relationships: 40.8% (411)
  • 3-4: 7.6% (77)
  • 5-6: 1.2% (12)
  • 7+: 1.8% (18)

Nearly one half of them (48.6%) indicated that they had no long distance connections through dating sites that they would consider as serious.

However, even more people stated that they had serious online relationships that started through dating sites.

518 respondents (51.4%) had long term connections that were serious enough. From them, the majority only had 1-2 such relationships (40.8%). However, 3% of users had more than 5 serious online relationships.


Survey: How many serious online relationships you had that started through dating sites? (Click to enlarge)

How long did your online relationship last?

From the users who said that they had 1 or more online relationships, 428 people answered the question about the length of their connection.

  • Less than 30 days: 7.3%
  • 1-3 months: 21.9%
  • 4-6 months: 16.7%
  • 6-12 months: 16.7%
  • 1-2 years: 15.7%
  • Greater than 2 years: 21.7%

1 in 5 relationships lasted more than 2 years (21.7%). Some people even considered relationships that lasted less than 30 days as serious (7.3%).

Altogether, the load is pretty balanced: serious online relationships could last from 1-3 month (21.9%) to any length forward. There was no preferred length for a online relationship, except for the fact that obviously shorter connections were not considered as serious by the majority of users.

It is pretty surprising though that a very high percentage of long-distance relationships entered online lasted more than 2 years (every fifth relationship).


Research results: How long did the relationship last? (Click to enlarge)


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It all depends on how and what one would like to talk about.. keep great topic it can go well you have to be connected with a flair and in her way.


It all depends on chemistry. Sometimes its there, sometimes it’s not


Online relationships are very popular nowadays. This is a common phenomenon in a modern society. You can hardly surprise anyone with virtual relations. Using the Internet people can find not only friendship, but love. The length of relationship depends on the first impression. Sometimes people can only communicate with each other, but in some cases online relations can lead to marriage.