Age difference in long term relationshipsEarlier in September 2015 Elena’s Models conducted an online research on preferred age difference in long-term relationships or marriage among the users of our dating site, the results of this survey are available below.


954 respondents answered the poll on 20-21 September 2015, which was accessible for all online users (men and women) who were logged in. Responding to the survey wasn’t compulsory.

Users were asked the question: “What is an acceptable age difference you would consider for a long-term relationship or marriage?”

  • The poll offered 6 options, 5 of which displayed numeric age difference brackets, and 1 option that gave a way out (“the age difference should not matter)”.
  • A respondent could select only 1 option out of 6.
  • Both paid and free members were able to answer the survey.
  • Each user could only answer the poll once.


What do our members think about an adequate age difference for a serious relationship?

  • 1-2 years: 4.1% (39)
  • 3-5 years: 10.9% (104)
  • 6-7 years: 11.9% (114)
  • 8-10 years: 18.6% (177)
  • 11-15 years: 13.2% (126)
  • The age difference should not matter: 41.3% (394)
Age difference research results

Results of research on age difference preferences in long-term relationships (click to enlarge).


The most popular option chosen by 41.3% of respondents was the non-committal statement, “The age difference should not matter”.

It may be that this option was also selected by survey participants preferring a larger age difference in a pair, which wasn’t included in the numeric options. Seeking a larger gap is usually more typical of older men seeking younger women, according to statistics.

  • 15% of users consider the age difference 1-5 years the most acceptable
  • 30.5% are comfortable with the age gap of 6-10 years
  • 13.2% believe in the optimal difference of 11-15 years
  • In total, 58.7% of people prefer age difference of under 15 years

Except for people who didn’t take a pick from the numbers, the preferential choice is obviously the age difference of 6-10 years: Twice as many people chose these options than the ones lower or higher.

The age gap of 6 to 10 years is widely acceptable for women who are seeking long-term partners, and it is also a valid variance in the maturity level with a spouse for younger men under 40.


While it would be nice to think that “age difference should not matter”, the reality of online dating is that generation-wide gaps cause misunderstandings and are proven to contribute to higher rates of relationship breakdown and divorce.

  • The preferred age difference was the option of 6-10 years (over 30%), followed by 1-5 years (15%).
  • The least popular option was 11-15 years, which lies on the boundary of what we believe is acceptable in a long-term romantic partnership.
  • 3 out of 5 people prefer age difference of under 15 years.

The survey demonstrated that a large number of our users (over 41%, or 2 out of 5 people) are in denial about the actual age preferences of their dating counterparts, which are clearly geared towards the gaps under 10 years, preferred by nearly a half of all respondents.


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It is wondering to know that not such amount of people do not think the actual age preferences of their soulmate. However, I think the age difference has a great impact on the quality of relationships. I don’t see any reason for the age difference became an obstacle for family happiness. However, if the difference is not too big. Throughout it should be some sort of a measure. When people get married, the difference is not too noticeable, but, unfortunately, time goes by, we are all getting older and it becomes more obvious. Sometimes this leads to sad consequences. My… Read more »


I think each person is different, I am a man and live very healthy lifestyle and I had a copule 18 years younger and all was OK. The relationship did not work, but nothing related to the age difference. However I agree with the previous comment from Aleksa, once we are older the age difference may become more noticeable, you have to use common sense. We all want a marriage forever.


there was a study that marriage tends to be more likely divorced the higher the age-difference is (for 1-2 years difference it was 40%, for 10 years difference it was 60%).
Anyways, I think a 4-8 years younger partner is perfect for me 🙂


I met a nice lady 25 years younger than me on this site. I was very unsure about the age difference as I had only ever dated ladies up to ten years younger than myself and age never appeared to be a problem. I am 57 and in good shape. I train regularly and participate in different sports. I have no problem competing in sport against younger men. BUT I am not stupid enough to believe that I could keep that up forever and that age difference of 10+ years would probably be too much for a younger woman. I… Read more »