Fred (USA) and Svetlana (Russia): How we met and fell in love.Another lovely couple that connected on Elena’s Models got engaged. Fred from the USA and Svetlana from Russia are excited about their future life together as a couple. Find out the story of how they met and fell in love.

Fred (USA): “It really helped that we were both honest in what we wanted”

I was sending out messages to several members on your site when I got a response from one in particular in my search list that seemed really interesting. After we exchanged a few messages, we both became even more interested in getting to know more.

We exchanged contact info, so that we could more easily chat and talk with each other. Not too long after, we talked via video chat and our interests just kept growing closer and closer together. It really helped that we were both honest in what we wanted.

Within a few months I told her that I wanted to schedule a trip to her city and meet her, and we set everything up.

The trip was AMAZING. I admit that I am an experienced traveller, but I had never been to Russia before (and only studied the language for the few months between when we started chatting and when I went to visit…).

I went during Christmas and new years, and the city was a wonderful place to visit and the festive culture was also quite entertaining. We really hit it off and started doing everything together, it really helped that she could translate for me as my Russian skills were extremely weak.

I have returned to Russia two more times since that visit and met her family. She has visited my home here in the USA and we have recently become engaged and are awaiting her K1 visa! We are both looking forward to starting our next adventure together!

Love story, USA and Russia.

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I am always very warm at heart when I hear different interesting Dating stories. No matter which cities and countries people are from, it is wonderful that they met. The most important thing! I wish these people happiness and understanding.


Вот это мужчина,который знает,что он хочет и делает.а не болтает красиво о семье, а как доходит до реальной встречи просто сдувается,как многие другие. Жаль,таких мало.


Wonderful meeting, and I believe in such stories. I know that if you really want to find your half, you will do it! And now internet is a great helper. You should use all opportunities. Many males from USA are looking for Russian wives, because they can give real warmness, support, love and family comfort.


I love this story! It shows that no matter how far away you live from your soulmate, you can always meet him if you really want. It’s also inspiring to know that it’s possible to find your kind of person via Internet.


It was a pleasure to read this story. I absolutely fall in love with such things when people from different countries become as a single whole! This situation and a big amount of others have taught me that it doesn’t make a sense where you are from. I will never stop hope that Internet will help me to find my true love.