Hilarious: Russian Bride Chained Herself to a Jewellery Store To Make Her Boyfriend Buy Her a Ring (Video)Russian media reported on a woman in the city of Yekaterinburg who chained herself to the entrance of a jewellery store in order to convince her boyfriend of 2 years to set a wedding date.

Russian Bride Who Chained Herself To Convince Boyfriend To Marry Her

The Russian bride was holding a poster, “Wannaaa marry” (“I want to get married”).

The incident occurred at 3 pm on a central street of Yekaterinburg on 21 April, Vedomosti Ural reported. The jewellery shop on Malysheva street started to attract attention.

The young woman in a white floor-length wedding dress had a leather jacket thrown on top of it, in order to protect her from the elements. The temperature in April is only 5-12˚C (41-53˚F). The Russian bride insisted she wouldn’t leave until she got her boyfriend’s confirmation they are getting married soon.

She explained to onlookers that her boyfriend and she had been dating for 2 years, which is a long time by the Russian standards. The girl said she expected her partner to propose during Christmas holidays, on St. Valentine’s Day, or on the Women’s Day 8 March but he didn’t make the move, and she really wanted to get married.

The happening was noticed by a local blogger who reported about it promptly. News outlets posted their stories about the incident.

The young woman who said her name was Lyubov “Lyuba” Yakovleva, stayed chained to the store for a few hours. She stated her boyfriend’s name was Mikhail (Misha).

Russian Bride Who Chained Herself To Convince Boyfriend To Marry Her

Russian news outlets reported on a woman who chained herself to the entrance of a jewellery store in order to convince her boyfriend to marry her.

Russian bride was getting tips from onlookers.

Onlookers were giving her tips how to make her boyfriend to propose.

Obruchalka Yekaterinburg VK

Obruchalka’s store VK page with the post about a happy ending: “The wedding is on!” The groom showed up and proposed, the post affirmed.

The woman was later identified as an actress of a local theatre and the whole thing was a PR setup by the jeweller, trying to attract attention. The name of the store “Obruchalka” means “wedding ring” in Russian. On its page in the Russian social network VKontakte, the store posted a message that after a few hours Mikhail showed up, proposed and freed his beloved, and told her “the sacred words”.

The funny thing is that locals totally believed this could be a real deal. Many Russian women are rather desperate to make their boyfriends commit to a registered union. Being officially married is a status thing for Russian girls, which is why the episode seemed quite plausible.

Video: Desperate Russian Bride Picketing a Jewellery Store

The store employees are seen in the video trying to convince the bride to leave. Onlookers give her tips and advice how to make her boyfriend marry her.


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She is like a little crying baby, spectacularly way to get hitched, i don’t think that her behavior is typical for the adult and clever woman, maybe i can’t understand all her feelings that kennel in her sensual soul, nevertheless she must very happy now


LOL! She is not a very clever girl. Of course, I understand her desire to marry as fast as possible, cause traditionally Slavic girls get marry early, when they are 20-30. But if I were she, I wouldn’t behave this way. Instead, I would be very patient and wait as long as necessary!=)


Thank God it was only an advertising action! If the story would be real, I’d commiserate that girl. It is better to love and respect yourself than begging this ring. A loving man will always be near, you only need think much of yourself and believe in a bright future!


It’s really a funny story. Fortunately, it isn’t real. Otherwise I would feel sorry for this girl. I think to chain yourself in order to be proposed isn’t a way out. If a man doesn’t want to be with you he won’t. No chain helps. Maybe just love isn’t real. Only if a boyfriend is yours you will be together anyway.

I’m happy that it’s only an advertising company. Anyway I think it could happen in real life. Russian women are ready for any humiliation to get married to their beloved. I don’t blame such women – I blame Russian men. They are willingly living with their girlfriends for 2,3,4 or even 5 years without getting married. And their girlfriends spend a long time on cooking, doing a flat, etc. For men such girlfriends are just a simple gratuitous housemaid. When women start to insist on marriage, men decide to break up. And then they find another gratuitous housemaid. It is… Read more »