Stanford professor Hank Greely predicts the end of sex for fun or procreationProfessor Henry “Hank” Greely predicts the end of sex for fun or procreation. Advances in genetics will make natural conception unnecessary and pointless, and virtual reality will replace sex for fun, he believes.

Hank Greely is a professor of law and professor of genetics, by courtesy, at Stanford University. His specialty is ethical aspects that arise from advances in biosciences.

The end of sex for fun or procreation

In his book The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction Professor Greely predicts that in the nearest future scientists will learn to create eggs out of women’s skin as their knowledge of human genome expands. Yes, even harvesting of female eggs will not be necessary. Skin cells can be changed to stem cells.

Scientists will be able to study all the information about the embryo (and baby’s health, behavior, and appearance) prior to its transfer.

It means that in 20-40 years, sex for reproduction can become pointless and even condemned by the society, The Independent reports. A woman will be considered irresponsible if she decides to conceive naturally.

Why should parents put their kids’ health at risk, if it is possible to avoid it?

Thus, becoming  a parent can become easier and safer. A man will have to submit his sperm while a woman provides a piece of her skin. That’s all a fertility specialist will need to make embryos, according to Greely.

The end of sex for fun or procreation

In future, scientists will ensure children’s health.

It will be up to parents to decide what kind of a child they desire. A blue-eyed and blonde hair boy or a girl with chestnut hair?

But the most valuable data will be about the embryo’s health. There is a big chance that future kids will be healthy. And smart.

Genetic scientists will be able to check that. They won’t predict precisely how smart the new human will be, but they’ll verify that moms and dads have chosen the embryo with the best intellectual capabilities.

Certainly, such “evolution” seems to be contradictory for the lack of naturalness. Everything sounds too mechanized and cool-headed.

Even today in-vitro fertilization causes lots of ethical issues. There will be even more such concerns in the course of time.

Hank Greely, The End of Sex book

Professor Hank Greely predicts a sexless future for men and women in his book “The End of Sex”.


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This article, while no doubt sincere, doesn’t tell the true story. It sounds like society will naturally choose this path. Actually, this is one part of the agenda of the people planning a one-world government. They plan a dictator, over the whole world, who will not permit us to have children. They plan to shrink the population to less than 25% of present day. They will create children, and the children will not be put in our care. The only people they will allow to have children naturally will be the leaders. Children will be bred to be workers, or… Read more »

You’ve been reading science fiction novels? You can’t be serious? :p


It’s not bad. I like that in future every parents will choose main characteristics of their kid. Maybe, every man will definitely love own child and kid’s personality won’t irritate parents. In other side, it looks like boring robotization with negative shade.


Honestly, it’s scary. I can’t imagine a society like that. People in it should be too rational, cold and egoistic. I doubt that such a society could exist happily and for a long time. Let’s hope that love and mother nature are strong enough to resist this kind of “progress”.


This is a one world fairy tale they hope to impose on humanity…it has no chance of success and would be a great reason to overthrow anybody who tries to impose it….every time man assumes the role of God it ends badly.


“every time man assumes the role of God it ends badly” – when was the last time it happened? 🙂