Foreign tourism to Ukraine on the riseSpecialists believe that the number of foreign tourists who visited Ukraine in 2017 have increased by about 25% as compared to the previous year.

According to Oleg Petrachenko, a travel agent, their sales to foreign tourists booking trips in Ukraine increased by twenty five percent, reported. The expert believes that the increase in visitors could be even higher as many travellers book their own accommodation and tickets.

Great food, quality accommodation, and cheap prices for tickets

Indigo Traveller, a New Zealand blogger travelling the world, was amazed by cheap prices in Lviv. According to the experienced traveller, Ukraine can be only compared with countries like India or Egypt by how cheap the prices are. For instance, a good lunch at a local cafe cost him only US $3.50 (91 hryvnia).

Residents of Lviv as used to visitors from Europe who come to eat in local restaurants. The practice became so popular that restaurants now require waiters to speak foreign languages.

Dating is also a popular reason why overseas visitors buy tickets to Ukraine.

Martin Shaffer from Germany pointed out, “Ukrainian girls are fun to talk to. They are more feminine than our ladies.”

With affordable prices for tickets, visiting Kiev or Lviv is easy for Europeans., the home of Ukrainian airlines, offers cheap prices for tickets to local destinations from European capitals and overseas locations.

Cheap flights UkraineThe most popular cities for foreign visitors

The cities that foreigners enjoy visiting include Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa. Travellers are unsure about venturing any further.

Kiev guides report that private excursions for 1-2 people are now more popular than group bookings. Excursions with guides speaking English and German are in demand and the companies offering guided tours have to hire extra staff.

However, the number of tourists from other countries is still below the record of 2013, when over 24 million foreign visitors came to Ukraine.

Foreign visitors to Ukraine

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The number of tourists might be smaller now, but I definitely like their quality. I’ve noticed that in those years before 2014 there was a lot of drunk and noisy football fans. Also a lot of young men have been coming to have a bachelor’s party. But now I see more students, couples and real travelers.


As i live in Kyiv, Ukraine i really did begin to notice much more foreign tourists in the city lately. For some reason it makes me feel good knowing that so many people from all over the world come all the way here to see the attractions. And of course i’m glad it brings so much investment in my homeland


Hopefully Ukraine does not promote white only tourism as I have been to Ukraine and society js so intolerant towards blacks and dark skin people! On and average country is poor but people lives in denial that Ukraine is a rich European country

Hi, regarding Peter’s comment about white only tourism, I heartily disagree. I am of Hispanic origin and lived in Ukraine for 2 years, married a lovely lady and we now have 2 beautiful children (Latin and Ukrainian blood is a good mix!!). Never in my entire time in Ukraine, did I experience discrimination, and believe me, I was waiting for it. We live in Germany now and racism, discrimination is felt and seen here more than Ukraine. Go back to Ukraine and don’t think about it. Have a good time, Peter. I love that country.