helen-darran-uk-russiaSummer season brought us long days and short nights, moonlight walks, and garden bench cuddles for new lovers. It also brought us the first summer love story of our clients, Elena from Russia and Darran from UK, who sent us their striking and energetic wedding photos, and a genuinely romantic story of their meeting.

The lucky couple men on EM in August 2013, and they quickly fell into the pattern of daily chats and Skype calls. It was later in November that Darran asked Helen if she would become his girlfriend, to which she said, “Yes!”

Bonfire hearts

After a couple of real life meetings, Darran proposed and Helen accepted. This was just a day before her birthday a year ago in June 2014. Wedding planning and preparations, New Year celebrations in Belgorod, Russia, and holidays in London, UK, how the months fly!

“Are we really husband and wife now?” Helen and Darran say their love is like the song Bonfire Heart.

Finally, the day of the wedding came on 21 April 2015. Gorgeous Cyprus was selected as the backdrop for this marvelous occasion, where a lady registrar from the municipality pronounced our sweethearts as husband and wife.

In Helen’s words, “If you want to know how do we really feel, just listen to the song Bonfire Heart. This is the song about us and our love.”

Darran admits, “It was the best £60 odd pounds I have ever spent.” With Elena’s Models memberships including unlimited chat and emails at no extra cost, it’s quite easy to build a great connection. The ability to share contact details freely adds to the simplicity of direct and uncensored contact.

The newlyweds plan to live together in London, UK.

Meeting someone online

Helen’s sweet hearts captivated Darran’s attention in her 2013 profile photo.

Hunky James Blunt states in his love anthem:

“Everybody wants a flame, but they don’t want to get burnt.”

These words resonate with dreams and aspirations of many love seekers. We all want to find love but we are afraid that we might fail. Truth is, if you don’t try, you’ll never have the chance for a spark. Dating online you may meet more people than simply hoping that love may find you. Falling in love with a special person who treasures you for who you are is the greatest adventure and reward. Dating sites give this opportunity to thousands of people worldwide.

In the words of Blunt himself, the message is simple, “People like us, we don’t need that much. Just someone to light the spark in our bonfire heart.”

If you “have been putting out fires all your life”, might be it’s time to open your mind and let new discoveries unveil?

(Read the complete story of Helen and Darran)


James Blunt – Bonfire Heart


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Kind of a remarkable story, also interested in how many meetings they had ^^ good luck to both of them at least!


It’s excellent, when the two lovers find each other, wherever they are on our planet. I wish good luck to this pair. And the same smiles and positive life through the decades.


Good luck to them. Its what many people are searching for. Someone to love and share their lives together.


A really light happy-end story of the relations of two peaple, who found each other in so huge world. It turned out that with Elena’s Models became very easy to build a new family. Let’s wish the newlyweds happiness!


If you have something real interesting I think it is a good idea to share your impressions. But other things should be only for relatives and close friends. It is not necessary to show everything in the Internet.


Sooooo romantic! It’s great Helen and Darran met each other and built such a beautiful couple, family! Glad for Darran cause Helen is a real beauty!! Sure the Russian girls are the best!!! The most beautiful and the best wives!!!

Sergei Sviridov

It’s kind of modern reality) People have the chance to meet with someone sitting home. It’s great opportunity or not?! I think, every individual can decide personally. Anyway, I’m happy for them!)