8 March Is Women's Day in Russia, Ukraine8 March is the International Women’s Day. It is an official public holiday in Russia, Ukraine, and countries of the post-USSR.

The Brief History of 8 March Holiday

Apparently, there was no history of events connected to the date that would lead to choosing 8 March as the day of women’s rights. The date was picked rather arbitrary. The first fighters for female freedoms dedicated their efforts to establishing equality of women to men.

The Socialist Party of America proposed to observe a Women’s Day on 28 February 1909. In August next year a women’s conference was held prior to the yearly meeting of socialists in Denmark, Europe. This is where German socialists Luise Zieltz and Clara Zetkin suggested to set a date for an “International Women’s Day“.

Equal rights for women at the time were only a dream. Women couldn’t vote or hold a public office.

Each year in late February-March in 1911-13 marches, protests, and demonstrations were held in various locations around the world.

In 1914 the International Women’s Day was held on Sunday 8 March. Since then, the date to celebrate women’s fight for equal rights remains the same.

In 1977 United Nation appointed 8 March as the UN Day for women’s rights and world peace.

The official UN theme for 2016 Women’s Day is “Make It Happen”.

The Brief History of 8 March Holiday



Women’s Day in Russia and post-USSR

8 March in Russia and post-USSR

8 March in Russia and post-USSR is dedicated to femininity and respecting women’s differences as mothers, homemakers, and caregivers.

In Russia and other countries of the post-USSR 8 March is a public holiday.

Instead of celebrating the rights of women to work, vote, and hold responsible positions, today’s 8 March celebrations in Russia and post-USSR are dedicated to femininity and respecting women’s differences as mothers, homemakers, and caregivers. In fact, it’s the opposite of what the first socialists dreamed about.

Maybe the reason for that lies in the forced equality of men and women in the USSR. Women were requested to be prepared to take on any jobs, including physically demanding types of employment such as road works. Admiring a woman’s beauty was condemned as “bourgeois”. A woman was just a “comrade”.

In USSR 8 March became the only day of the year when women were recognized as different to men. The celebration turned from fighting for women’s equality to giving ladies a recognition as feminine beings.

8 March Gifts

Women's day in Russia, Ukraine

Flowers are the necessary attribute of Women’s Day in Russia, Ukraine.

Flowers are the necessary attribute of 8 March gifts in Russia, Ukraine, and post-USSR. Male colleagues at work put together funds to purchase flowers: at least a blossom per lady. Cards and little souvenirs are also popular. Office parties are still accepted in the post-USSR and most companies have either official or non-official celebrations.

For the special ladies in their lives men buy jewellery, perfumes, chocolates, and other small presents. It’s rather a family holiday, similar to Mother’s Day. The only difference is that all women are recognized, including young girls, and not just mothers. Men cook breakfasts, wash dishes, and allow women relax and enjoy themselves.

In 2016, Ukrainian and Russian women will have 4 days off (Saturday 5 to Tuesday 8 March).

8 March Greetings in Russian

Elena’s Models created a series of electronic postcards with 8 March wishes in Russian. There are original poems, sweet words in prose, funny greetings, and generic cards.

Check the page with free cards to send to ladies and make their day!

You can also use tips on creating unusual presents for lovely ladies you’d like to cheer up. A gift is valued by the amount of thought put into it, the Russian saying holds.


8 March wishes


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So for that day we should just give small souvenir? Is it in bad taste to give something bigger? I’m not saying about expensive jewellery, but for example some unique gift like star? I found one on Kingdom of Universe shop and i guess it’s totally crazy and romantic. Just not sure if It’s not too much for Women’s Day…


I want to change the name of this day. This is “International Day of Flowers”! Women with flowers are everywhere! And this fact is a litle bit sad, you know… women have flowers only on this day, but it will be better to give them flowers any day…


March 8th is one of my favourite holidays. Not only because I get congratulated by my husband and sons, but also because of the fact Russian streets on that day are full with well-dressed smiling girls, women and old ladies carrying flowers. Bright bouquets and beautiful happy women create that special atmosphere which always revives my spirit, since the beginning of March is not a real Spring day in most Russian cities. By the way, Russian women living abroad still find March 8th a special occasion. Keep it in mind if your beloved is a Russian woman 😉


I like all the presents and I am glad that many people send me some messages, give flowers, sweets, tea, coffee, cosmetics and other things. It is also nice to get telephone calls from relatives. And I give presents for my granny, my mother, my sister and friends.


Women’s Day is my favourite holiday because the party atmosphere is everywhere and creates a good spirit for the whole day. Men say sincere words to their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and female employees in this day. I think the main thing in this Day is not the gifts. The most important things are care, love, attention and nice wishes to womens. Women’s Day was created to remind men that the woman is soft creature which wants live with compliments and attention.


I spent this day as usual day. I think Russian people celebrate this holiday by wrong way. This day is not day of flowers or other presents, it’s day of women rights and their achievements.
But you may think I’m stupid, but I like 8th March sales…