What gifts women want to get for 8 march?Women’s Day is celebrated in Russia and Ukraine on 8 March. With the holiday approaching, sociologists offerred some insight into which gifts women want to get on that day.

Top 4 gifts Russian ladies can’t wait to get

Slavic girls have a special relationship with gifts. But in general, one prominent feature of Russian and Ukrainian women is that they love to receive flowers for every possible occasion.

If you have never visited Russia, you don’t know how many flower shops there are in cities. Each town has hundreds of them.

For example, the city of Yekaterinburg (Ural region) has already received 150 tons of flowers from Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, and Israel for the upcoming celebration of 8 March. And 2 more airplanes stuffed with Ecuadorian roses are expected to arrive soon.

So, we wouldn’t be surprised to see flowers as a #1 gift for Women’s Day in Russia.

And here is the top 4, according to Cosmo.ru:

  1. Flowers

70% of Russian men plan to give their ladies (moms, girlfriends, daughters) a cute bouquet. No wonders, who do you think is going to purchase those 150 tons of flowers?

  1. Perfume

26% of ladies would be pleased to get a well-chosen fragrance. And there are 27% of men ready to satisfy their desires.

  1. Jewellery

29% of girls dream to receive a piece of jewellery. And only 20% of local guys intend to make such a present.

  1. Sweets

Russian beauties are fond of sweets just like all the other women on the planet. However, only 13% of ladies would like to get this kind of gift. As for men, older Russians (60+) consider chocolates to be the best choice for the Women’s day.

Clothes, household appliances, underwear, cosmetics, and toys are not among the most popular variants. Each item was supported by about 6-7% of respondents.

However, people living in the countryside showed more interest (9%) in home appliances.

Ladies aged 25-34 would be quite happy to receive underwear from men. Girls younger than 24 think it’s nice to get a toy (a cute teddy bear, for instance).

Presents for long distance relationships

  • Send flowers through services like Interflora or Roses.ru. They deliver in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Grab one of our pretty 8 March Women’s Day greeting cards. There is a sure way to make a lady feel special!
Top gifts for Russian and Ukrainian ladies on 8 March

The researchers forgot to include the most important point into their questionnaire. It’s men’s attention and love. With a probability of 100%, it would be the most popular choice.


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Better to err on the safe side and give your love flowers, perfume, jewelry AND sweets. :p


PLUS a pretty CARD where you describe how you feel about her and lots of LOVE ❤️ & ATTENTION 😉


Guess, love is the only right present. I’m sure that the only important thing isn’t a present by itself, but the fact of it. I mean it won’t make her happy, but you will.


It is rather risky to buy a woman underwear or perfume if you don’t know her measurements and preferences. Chocolate sounds too old-fashioned (no wonder it is popular among 60-year-olds). I think flowers are always a fail-safe solution.


Each of these gifts is really wonderful. Every woman will be very pleased to receive at least one of them. However, the best gift, I think, is to organize an amazing date and spend the whole day together. If a man can’t meet with his lady, he can send her a pretty card with his own poem and love expression.


Of course, such gifts as flowers, perfume, candy and jewelry are very pleasant to receive for any holiday, March 8th a is not the exception. For any woman it is important not only to get a gift, but also the attention. It’s nice when a gift is accompanied by pleasant and kind words.


I like this holiday and it doesn’t matter what kind of presents I will get. Sometimes I ask my relatives to buy something for me, as for my friends, I prefer surprises. In general just to have one day off is also very good for me. I have a lot of work.

Hi Elena, can you please help me to understand a bit more about this culture of gift-giving? I’ve been in a relationship with a slavic girl for more than a year and for example, she complains that gifts are important for her. She even says that it isn’t about the money but about the detail, etc. And to give you an example, she received flowers from me for women’s day but she was disappointed because she only receives flowers from me and no gifts so far. I’ve always believed people are important for who they are rather than for what… Read more »

In short, Russian girls are trained to evaluate a man’s interest (“seriousness”) in a relationship by the gifts a man gives her.
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