7 tips for Dating Younger Women: How to Date with an Age GapAs we move through life, the age difference is no longer such a problem in dating. Vice versa, such unions can be extremely exciting. If you are attracted to younger women, here are some tips that will ensure your connection brings joy and happiness to both of you.

Top 7 Tips for Dating Younger Women

  1. Dating with an age gap is fun. Relationships with an age difference are enjoyable for both the mature gentleman and the young lady, but only if you set it up correctly. If you are doing it right, this relationship may be something that the young woman remembers as the most romantic connection of her life. If you love being together, your connection can even lead to a long-term romance or marriage that both partners enjoy. I talk in detail about it in my VIP dating coaching program. Also use these basic tips on dating with an age difference.
  2. Use your age as an asset. You’re likely to be more confident in your skin today than you were in your 20s or 30s, but don’t let it become a bossy overtone just because you have more experience. Balance your experience with encouragement and support to your younger dates, letting them grow as an individual, not as a clone. Don’t assume you know better. They might teach you something, too.
  3. Be honest. Just because you think you look younger than your biological age, don’t try to to shave 10 years off your real age in your dating profile. Age differences are okay, but don’t start off with a lie. This will certainly bite you later, and it will cause mistrust in your relationship from the start.
  4. Do your best to look youthful. Dating younger women requires a vibrant and healthy presentation. This doesn’t mean you dress like a teenager or go out and get tattoos. Simply take your health and wellbeing seriously.
  5. Elegant style makes you look younger. And vice versa, shapeless and untidy dressing style ages you. Dress appropriately for your age and your body shape. You may be close to getting a seniors card—and so is George Clooney, but he knows how to dress well. And he managed to marry a woman 17 years younger and starting a family. It’s the swagger that helps you appear attractive to younger women—and your style (and lifestyle) have a lot to do with it.
  6. Avoid age-pointing statements. In general, anything that points out to your age difference is not recommended. You both are grown ups, keep it this way. Don’t say things like:
  • “When I was your age…”
  • “Young people are so ____.”
  • “Oh, that was my favourite song when you were…”
  • “You were still in High School in 2009? Ewww”
  • “Daddy’s home.” (Creepy to the ninth degree.)
  1. Be ready that she is going to change. If you are dating a woman who is 10 years younger, you need to remember that her life is probably going to change dramatically over the next few years. Keep an open mind, and expect and even encourage her to grow, change, and become the best she can be.
Top 7 Tips for Dating Younger Women

If you are doing everything right, your connection can lead to a long-term romance or marriage.

You are the older one, so the tone you set will determine your relationship

Females traditionally look to males for leadership in a pair. This is especially true for couples where one of the participants is younger by several years. Girls are happier with a guy who knows what he is doing.

Girls from Ukraine and Russia in particular prefer to follow a man’s lead, coming from a more traditional background. The more mistakes you avoid and the more things you do right, the higher is the chance for this affair to last.

Find out about:

  • Needs and aspirations of Russian and Ukrainian females of different ages.
  • How to impress a younger lady in the right way.
  • Body language that gives away what she really thinks about you (even if she is trying to hide it).
  • Typical traps and errors that destroy relationships, and how to avoid them.

It’s all in the VIP dating coach tutorial, which you can listen to simply in your car! Be that “guy who gets the girl” regardless of where you are in life today. It will save you time and money in courting sweet Slavic girls.

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I had a relationship with a man who was 8 years older than me and it was awful. We had misunderstandings in many things like family, friends, interests. However, I don’t think that relationships with an older man are impossible. It depends on a person you are dating not the age. If you respect each other and your surroundings and you have the same views about your future then you will be happy no matter if your partner is 1 or 21 years older than you.


It can be cool to have relations with an older man when you are 20. Let’s say he’s then 30 or even 40. That’s ok! But you have to ask yourself honestly: “What are you going to do with him when you are 40?! You’ll be still young and full of life. And he? Are you sure he will be still young and healthy enough to do crazy things together?” Hm, a lot of questions and there’s no any clear answer. I’d think good before I start such relations.


Actually age doesn’t play so much role between couples, but anyway I think the most important thing for building a strong relationship is adult thinking, also mutual understanding and of course trust! The age difference between my parents is 10 years, they always were a good example for me!


My husband is six years older than me. When we started dating I was only 15. And, actually, we’ve never experienced any problems with that. I believe it depends more on persons’ characters than on their age. And I agree with the statement about avoiding age-pointing. Remember, that will be the end of your relationship. You are either equal or you’re not a couple.