50-shades-of-greyIt’s a sure bet that you have heard about “50 Shades of Grey”. It’s also an optimistic bet that you, probably, have not read the book. It’s likely that you have heard about the upcoming movie, labelled as the most anticipated film of 2015, and, potentially, consider seeing it in theatres or on video.

The Facebook page for the forthcoming film has more than 7 million followers. The original trailer, released July 24, 2014, has scored over 100 million views online.

With the official movie release date set just before the Valentine’s Day in February 2015 (11-13 February in different countries), it is destined to become an instant blockbuster hit, as other “more serious” movies hoping to score filmmaking prizes usually premiere before European awards season (Cannes in May) or American end of the year rush for nominations.

50-shades-of-grey-2The casting became a melodrama in itself, with dozens of high-profile actors and actresses approached to play the two main characters, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Announcements of selections were made, and then cancelled, because of previous work commitments of the leads. Finally, the veteran of movie industry through association Dakota Johnson (she is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson) and the former Calvin Klein model Jamie Dornan had been approved as stars, and the filming started nearly instantly.

The fascinating series will have 2 follow-up films featuring the same actors, and with the book franchise most likely already fully optioned, you might not be able to escape the cult.

Women’s enthrallment with 50 Shades of Grey is noteworthy. The erotic theme of the book is unlike any other romantic novels before, and clearly hit the nerve with the modern lady of the 21 century. She wants a powerful sex experience, is not afraid to follow her desires, and open to exploration.

50-shades-of-grey-1Things that girls, for a very long time, have not even discussed with each other, had been brought up to the surface and thrown to their feet. In a way, 50 shades became a signpost of female liberation in the bedroom, just as burning bras of 60’s explicitly expressed that women desired more from life.

If you want to understand the modern female, get a copy of the book and read through. The innate woman’s longing to follow a man’s lead is nowhere as strong as in the bedroom. Through accepting and owning your own sexuality, you open the opportunity for your lady to let go and enjoy.

50-shades-of-grey-3Last week I posted a blog in Russian named 58 things about sex I will tell my daughter about. Within days it became the most popular post among other 70+ articles. Guys, ladies do have an interest in this topic, although they wouldn’t dare to admit it to you openly.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that understanding how things work for a woman will unquestionably release you from performance anxiety about the size, shape, or firmness, and make her much happier in bed. Once you have finished reading 50 Shades of Grey, get a good book on female sexuality. Knowing her satisfaction is guaranteed, regardless of your arousal, will make you much more relaxed when the time arrives.


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Do not speak of all women in common! Not all of us enjoy such low-minded sort of books. I think that 50 shades of grey isn’t even a book. We are not stupid, we read good books like Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Dickens and etc. of world literature classics.

Joe Norman

I am curious. I have not read the book and don’t know anything about the movie but my curiosity is in what women are thinking about and what sorts of things would they desire from the man they love? I believe it is very healthy when in a committed and loving relationship to explore each other’s bodies and minds and to work to fulfill each other’s fantasies so long as they are filled only by each other. Two who truly love each other should strive to be one flesh… once married.

Of course, Consuelo is a girls’ name. I’ve read the book and watched the movie trailer. this book is positioned as erotic and BDSM. but there is nothing to the point, only silly dialogues and descriptions of vanilla sex. it will be very sad if all men read this book, will think that all women are stupid as the main female character. but I understand why this book became a bestseller – every woman is dreams about rich man who is rich businessman, who will buy her cars, dresses and sometimes spank her ( without pain !!!) nonsense. better read… Read more »
While I don’t advocate BDSM it is significant just how many girls in their profiles expres the desire for a “real man” or a “strong man.” A key point of the 50 Shades books is the desire for a dominant male, not only sexually but overall. This fits a key desire expressed by most Russian and Ukrainian ladies. But there is another theme in these girl’s profiles as well… the desire for a man who is “tender toward his lady.” This is the profile more typical western men match up to, given the feminization of our culture. What western men… Read more »

I have read the book and I already seen the film. From my point of view the book is better because while reading I can imagine everything in my mind. My fantasies are brighter and richer than the film. As for the idea of BDSM, I am against it in my life, but a person can choose if he/she likes it. We all are different.


I saw the movie and I wondered is that what woman really want that kind of sex I saw that the dude has walls that need torn down but that was some weird stuff man but it has me intrigued about it though


Thank’s God, my girl doesn’t like this book and this movie! We have good and regular sex, so everything is OK. And about “50 shades…” Personally, I do not understand it’s phenomena! Should we forget about normal sex and start just beating our women? What’s wrong with our society? When has it all started?


I confess honestly I’ve read this book. I can’t say that I like it and this way of sex. But it is in step with the times. Modern young women are opened to new findings in sex relationship. It is normal because times, they are changing. And some things get old. But it’s necessary to remember that not every woman agrees with it.


Actually, neither book nor movie cannot be treated as a real masterpiece. However, it becomes a modern phenomenon. The point is not in the amount of sex in this book, but in the fact, that the writer managed to catch the society’s mood. This book became an anti-feminism anthem: women got tired of freedom and want to obey men. May be we all resume to the normal course?


of course, I’ve heard about “50 Shades of Grey”. I watched a film and I am going to read a book. I find this love story isn’t like other love story. I am waiting the other parts of this trylogy. if you don’t watch this film, I advice you to watch.


Well, I haven’t seen the film yet, but I have read the book. And I only want to say that sometimes women just want and need to have and feel more passion in life and love. It mustn’t be like in that story, but maybe they need a little more passion and desire in their relationships. So they can feel something real. But at the same time they afraid to admit that, or say that out loud.


I like the music. And the film is better than the book. But most of all I liked going to the cinema. My friend invited me, I am 38 and my friend is 19, when we were buying our tickets he was asked if he was 18, he had to show his student card. As for me I was not asked any questions. Then we were asked the same question before entering the hall. I asked if the question was for me or for my friend. And the answer was, “It is a compliment!”


Generally I haven’t read the book and I’m not going to because of watching the film. It seems to me that it is the worst film I have ever seen. I don’t recommend watching it who has not watched yet. Especially don’t follow characters’ example, just have a normal sex.