Who Is Writing Articles for Elena's Models BlogThe person who is writing articles for Elena’s Models blog is the one who is named in the title, specifically, yours truly.

To the ones who didn’t have the time to click on the link to the author’s name, here are a few facts about me.

Who Is Elena Petrova

I was born in Russia, where I completed school, studied for 6 years at a university, graduated with a degree in Philosophy, and for a while worked in sales, marketing, and advertising. The last position I held before leaving Russia was of a regional manager of an international marketing firm.


Elena Petrova lives on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I migrated from Russia in 1998. I met a guy I fell in love with, and moved to South Africa.

When people hear that they often gasp and ask, “Africa? It’s worse than Russia, isn’t it?” It was.

Hence, we migrated together as a family with our 2 children to Australia in 2003, to avoid the growing number of problems in the democratic, all-races-are-equal South Africa of early 2000’s.

I have lived on the Gold Coast in Australia since 2003. I feel it’s the best place on Earth. Mind it, I haven’t visited all of them but only about 40 countries to date, so it remains to be seen whether I keep this opinion forever.

My Qualifications

  • Degree in Philosophy
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP

I have over 16 years of experience in the dating industry and was one of the first bloggers online, even before the word “blogging” was invented. My personal opinions were something of a novelty in 1999 when I launched my first website womenrussia.com.

Since then, I had been interviewed by media and appeared on TV in several countries. Magazines like Elle and Cosmopolitan featured stories about me and my sites.

I had a book published in Russia in early 2000’s about dating a foreigner, and several eBooks online in English and Russian.

I was lucky to train in NLP with the founder of Time Line Therapy Dr. Tad James and the creator of Neuro-Semantics Dr. Michael Hall, as well as some other outstanding teachers and mentors.

In my life, I have completed a marathon and a half marathon, and studied martial arts.

My Views

Elena Petrova is the founder of Elena’s Models.

I consider myself a feminist. It may be surprising given the cyber-bullying term “mail order brides” bestowed on the international dating industry by the modern media, but I see my role as someone who personally found love in another country as a mission of education and clarification, which was my path since 1999, when I launched my first website.

Online dating between people living in different countries is the sign of time, just as much as interracial and international marriages. Demographic situation varies by country, and sometimes people can find a partner in a different geographic location easier than at home.

Just like online outsourcing is used by the major brands and companies worldwide, international dating will continue to grow and expand. It’s time for us to realize it, and learn to live in the new international world of online dating.


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Elena, I have been reading through your blogs. Very informative well thought out! I would like your advice about interracial dating. I would assume the vast majority of men who are on this site are caucasian, as are the women. I am Hispanic (though I speak no Spanish), and was wondering how I might fare searching for a woman to marry on here? Do the women take skin color into consideration for the future husbands, or are they more about quality, compatibility and chemistry in their relationships? I would like to know what my chances truly are before I invest… Read more »