Where Ukrainians move within the country, Kiev, Odessa.

Where Ukrainians move within the country: Kiev, Odessa are the most popular places. As citizens of any nation, Ukrainians move around within the national borders. Which areas are the most popular?

Internal migration in Ukraine

Half of Ukrainians would rather move abroad, but changing the place of living within the country is also a popular option.

Kiev and Odessa regions accepted the most migrants last year, according to statistics.

4.5 thousands of migrants arrived to Kiev region (3.5 thousand from them went to Kiev city), while Odessa accepted 3,200 and Kharkiv became a new home for 3,700 people.

At the same time people also moved away and Kiev, Kharkiv lead in this department as well: 3,200 people left each city. Lviv saw 2,800 people departing and Dnipro region lost 2,400 residents.

In total, Kiev region’s population grew by 2,200. The highest loss of population was in Donetsk (-337) and Luhansk (-291) regions.

Chernihov area lost 147 people and Vinnitsia 162.

Ukraine on crossroads — again

Earlier we reported that one Ukrainian leaves to work abroad every 30 seconds. With the ability to travel to Europe without visas, more Ukraine’s women and men leave the country to work elsewhere and earn more than $350 a month, which is currently the average wage in the country.

Some experts blame migration of Ukrainian workers to Europe and Russia for accelerating inflation in the country. Because of the lack of capable workers, the cost of labour increases, thus pushing inflation up.

However, the exchange rate of US Dollar dropped recently from 28 hryvnia to under 27. This is not reflected in cost of good and services, but gives a hope that the prices may remain stable in the near future.

The second round of presidential elections in Ukraine is scheduled for 21 April. The incumbent president Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky or “Ze”, how he’s called locally, are the two competitors in the race.

Zelensky is a comedian from famous TV series where he — surprise, surprise! — plays a Ukraine’s president fighting corruption. The TV series “Servant of the People” is available on Netflix.

This week on Sunday citizens of Ukraine will decide whether life will mirror the movie.

Exchange rate USD to Ukrainian hryvnia, April 2019.

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