What Men and Women Want To Change in 2016During the last days of 2015, we asked our users what would they like to change about themselves and their lives in the new year. Some answers were genuinely surprising!

The difference between what men and women want for 2016

While the majority of people in the general population talk about exercising more, quitting smoking and eating healthier, when asked about their plans for the new year, users of our dating site think more about finding a partner.

Women say they want to change “their marital status”, while men mention a good relationship and finding love. In other words, men are actually more romantic than women, surprisingly! Girls just want a husband.

It is the fact I keep reiterating for men: The reason women are on our website is because they want a committed relationship. They can find “love” (sex or just dating) at home. What they cannot find is a man who is looking to create a family, to become a husband and a father.

If you simply change your dating profile and communication on the site to reflect this, you will get a much better response to your mails and EOI’s. Add to that, “I plan to visit Eastern Europe in 2-3 months”, and you will become irresistibly attractive to genuine Russian and Ukrainian women seeking partners. (Their biggest complaint is that men only want to write letters and never visit.)

Language and wording is very important. You may think that what you say means the same thing, well, not for the girls. For them “creating a family” is the sacred wording they treasure, and “soul mate” means something like a friend to chat.

What men, women want in 2016.

Survey results: What men and women want in 2016 (click to enlarge). The most frequently used words are displayed in a larger font in the centre.

What would you like to change about yourself and your life in the new year?

Here are some popular answers to this question.

What men want:

  • My soul mate
  • A beautiful woman to spend the rest of my life with
  • Exercise, less fat
  • Intimacy with my future wife
  • A strong relationship
  • Find my real and true love
  • Stop smoking
  • Get healthier
  • Better body
  • Improve my finances
  • Become more disciplined in my career
  • Become more athletic
  • Retire from my job, travel more.
  • Meet my best friend and develop a loving relationship.
  • Stop talking to myself in front of other people.
  • Learn dancing.
  • Have a steady relationship with an incredible woman.
  • Improve my knowledge about Russian history and grammar.
  • Find the love of my life.
  • Losing weight.
  • To become a father.
  • Get divorced, then remarry.
  • To be in a stable relationship.

While most men talk about “love” or “relationship”, women talk about “marital status”, getting married and having kids. This is the language you want to mirror in your communication!

What women want to change:

  • My marital status (a lot of people).
  • Find my one and only man and create a happy family.
  • I want to get married in the new year.
  • To meet my lovely man.
  • Be happy, meet my second half.
  • Meet my Destiny, my one and only beloved man.
  • Meet my man and be happy with him!
  • I don’t want to be alone, I want to be happy.
  • Find my future husband!
  • I want to be a wife of a worthy man.
  • Get married and have a baby.
  • Happy family and a kid.
  • I want to marry.
  • Find my love and be in a harmonious relationship.
  • Be more confident.
  • Don’t be so shy.
  • Lose 5 kg.
  • Start all over again. Be free and not afraid.
  • Learn English and to dance tango, meet my man, travel with him.
  • Be more accepting and grateful for what I have in my life.
  • Move countries and meet a partner for life, get married.
  • Create a happy family.
  • Everything in my life.
  • Nothing, I am already perfect (a strange answer… A lot of women think so).

From nothing to everything, the answers differ greatly. Many more women than men think they are already perfect.

It may be this arrogance that doesn’t let them take in other people and build relationships, who knows. The “princess mentality” is something we all know about too well.

The Russian joke says: “Every girl dreams of meeting a prince, and every guy is terrified of meeting yet another princess.”

Meeting someone who thinks they are perfect in every way may be an interesting experience. Just not a very pleasant one.

Wishing everyone to have a great year and may all your dreams come true!


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Before every new year we make plans and imagine something pleasantly unusual and unexpected happen in the coming 365 or 366 days and sometimes our expectations don’t disappoint us. Congratulate everyone on the New 2016 Year and wish all your dreams come true during this very year.


I have been making a wish to have a baby for more than 5 years when I finally got my lovely babygirl! Why 5 years? This is because mentally I was not ready for that. “My inner Me” didn’t accept my wishes, every year I have not doing nothing! To make your wishes true it is important to picture your dream in details , to imagine clearly what do you want and accept it mentally. So, make a wish, visualize how you want it, and make a little steps towards your dream. Good luck!


I had my all wishes come true when I tried to use a stupid russian new year tradition: to write down all the wishes, through the paper into the glass full of champagne and drink it when clocks strike 12.
Everyone wants to be simply happy and doesn’t matter what he needs to reach it: love, better body, better health or bigger salary.


Quite simple, people wish something what is missing in their life. So, it is not a secret that men have a big heart for love.  Men want new emotions, sometimes love and relationships. In my opinion, women simply wish something that they do not have at right moment.


My wishes always come true when I’m guessing their New Year’s Night when clocks strike 12, drinking a glass full of champagne. In my opinion, one of the main desires of all human beings is to be healthy and happy. All other desires follow from these two basic.


It was interesting to read this article and think of all the wishes mentioned there. Of course, the main thing is health for everybody! Also I have some personal wishes. And I would like to become more beautiful and get more money this year to let my dreams come true.