Wages in Ukraine in 2018.

Wages in Ukraine in 2018. In April 2018 wages in Ukraine continued to rise. The average monthly salary reached the level of 8,480 hryvnia, which is about USD 323, according to the current exchange rate of 26 UAH for 1 USD.

April wages increased by 1.2% compared to March 2018

The jump from February to March was sharper: 7.1% increase in 1 month.

However, our previous analysis of salaries in Ukraine where we used March 2018 data is still valid. It is only in the city of Kiev (Kyiv) that people earn on average over 13,000 UAH ($500). In other locations pay checks are mostly below 8,000 hryvnia per month ($300), as you can see from the table below.

In 11 regions out of 26 the average salary is below 7,000 UAH ($270) per month.

The value of pay checks appears to increase in USD partially because the exchange rate went down. Earlier in the year the exchange rate reached nearly 30 hryvnia for 1 USA dollar.

The prices in local supermarkets and services didn’t change, of course. Therefore locals don’t see much difference in how much they can buy, except for actual rises in wages, if they got any.

Ukrainian hryvnia to US Dollar

Exchange rate UAH to USD on 5 June 2018.

Data by Ukrstat.

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