Unique hotel with rooms in 2 counties at onceA hotel with rooms in 2 countries at once is located right on the border between Switzerland and France. It’s a unique place: Where else you can sleep in France but have breakfast in Switzerland?

Hotel Arbez: Sleep on a bed where one side is in France and the other in Switzerland

Hotel Arbez is a nice and cozy residence in a small village. The place is rather deserted but fits perfectly for romantic getaways.

It’s seems rather low-key and unpretentious but the hotel has a curious history that started in the 19th century.

In 1862, the border between the two countries was altered. However, the authorities decided that the amendments would not affect existing local buildings.

A smart businessman Monsieur Ponthus decided to capitalize on the setup and constructed a building on the border. He managed to complete it in a record time: The law came in force just a year later.

The building was initially used as a pub and a shop. In 1921 the unusual construction was purchased by another businessman, Jules-Jean Arbeze, who turned it into a hotel.

But the most notable story about the hotel took place during WWII when France was occupied by Hitler’s troops. When German soldiers got into the village, they were allowed to stay only on the French side of the building, which ended at the staircase. They couldn’t go upstairs and the owner was hiding refugees on the Swiss side.

Today the hotel is a fantastic place to stay for a night or two to enjoy alpine-style interiors, local meals, and take a walk around the beautiful village hidden in the Alps. If you are traveling through Europe, this would be a nice stop, if even for a meal.

By the way, the hotel offers a wedding suite where the border cuts the bed in two! You will have to decide who is sleeping in France and who in Switzerland.

Amazing hotel with suites in 2 counties

Alpine-style suites look charming.

Amazing hotel with suites in 2 counties

The local restaurant offers local dishes food with lots of cheese, exquisite wines, and juicy steaks.

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