Office rules in Ukraine

Office rules in UkraineUkrainians report some weird rules that they have been obliged to obey at work. What are the strangest things that workers in Ukraine were made to do or prohibited from doing?

Weird work rules

According to, employers in Ukraine can include basically anything in the contract, justifying it by some need.

For instance, in one company female employees were banned from wearing high heels. Such a rule was made, as per boss’ explanations, because the high heels were too loud and distracted others from performing their responsibilities, as well as leaving marks on the floor. However, the employees believed it was because the female boss didn’t like wearing heels and didn’t want her employees to tower over her.

Another lady said they were prohibited to wash coffee cups at work. A specially hired person would collect all personal crockery and cutlery and wash them, and then put to dry somewhere around the office, and the rightful owners had to search for them. Naturally, the author of the report found a way around: Placed her dirty cup in the draw, lock it, and wash the cup early in the morning when no one could see it. What an unnecessary hassle!

Another company prohibited charging phones at work, trying to save on electricity bills.

Banning the use of social networks at work is quite a usual thing in Ukrainian companies.

coffee cup

One company prohibited employees to wash coffee cups at work.

While some people were not allowed to do certain things, others had to fulfil contractual obligations that were too hard to manage.

One guy reported getting a job as a manager of the advertising department in a fashion magazine, and one of the conditions of his job was to stay at every corporate presentation, party or event till the end. He wasn’t allowed to leave parties early! At first, he was excited about attending so many cool parties and events, but quickly found out that they happened daily and ended late at night. He simply didn’t have enough time to sleep and had to be at work early in the morning. All other employees of the company could leave if they wanted, but the director of the advertising had to stay.

The guy was withering fast without sleep and only lasted 6 weeks until he quit. He is still not a bit fond of corporate parties, apparently.

Of course, Ukrainian workers can refuse to obey by the company’s weird rules, but then they have to leave the job.

Did you have an encounter with some weird rules at work? Share your story below!

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Hello to all! I live in Russia. At work, we are often forbidden to have lunch for more than 15 minutes. This time includes a visit to the toilet, which is always far to go. Thus, a person cannot eat dinner normally, but is forced to throw food at a fast pace into his mouth and drink hot water or bring hot tea to the workplace. For it will be a fine. The working day in most cases lasts 10-12-13 hours, for which they are allowed to eat 2 times. There are also a lot of prohibitions, there are usually… Read more »


This is Hungary too. And on paper we are EU.
Russia is no far, I find no strange things here (except the coffee cup).
This is just normal/ common.


I don’t like when there are so many working rules. The less – the better. I have enough negative experience and I want to feel comfortable, eat and drink some tea when I have free time at work. I don’t like being in constant stress, it is so natural.