Ukrainian women earn 25% less than men: Average monthly wages of females are only USD 166The latest statistics confirm that Ukrainian women earn substantially less than men. The official data by Ukrstat show that monthly wages of Ukrainian women are only 4,480 hryvnia or $166 US dollars while men take home 4480 hryvnia on average (USD $223).

Ukrainian women earn less than men

On average, women in Ukraine make 25% less than men.

  • The biggest gender gap is recorded in the sphere of art, sport, entertainment, and recreation, where ladies are paid 2 times less than guys. Among females, their average monthly earnings amount to 3,654 hryvnia ($135) in contrast to males who earn 7,314 hryvnia ($271).
  • In postal services, the gender pay gap is also over 50%.
  • The same situation is in financial and insurance companies. Here women typically are paid only 67% of what guys get, a difference of 33%, according to
  • In manufacturing, guys earn 26% more: 6,503 hryvnia ($241) against 4,857 hryvnia ($180).
  • The pay gap is the smallest in transportation where females earn 5,603 hryvnia ($207) while men’s average income is 5,846 hryvnia ($216).

The only sphere where women’s salaries are a bit higher is the cultural area (libraries, archives, museums). Here ladies make 3,738 hryvnia ($138) while guys get 3,583 hryvnia ($132).

Ukrainian job portal ran a survey and concluded that partly it’s women’s fault. They underestimate themselves and tend to ask for a smaller salary than men demand. Usually, ladies ask on average for 27% less than male workers, reports.

On the other hand, the portal found that female job seekers are better educated than males. 48% of ladies who seek a job have a degree as compared to 46% of men. However, guys are more active in applying for senior positions: Such jobs attract 60% of males and only 40% of females.

Ukrainian women earn 25% less than men: Average monthly wages of females are only USD 166.

The official data by Ukrstat (click to enlarge).


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