In Ukraine women over 30 are viewed as damaged goodsIn Ukraine a woman over 30 is viewed as “damaged goods”, a popular media outlet announced. That’s the view Ukrainian ladies are too familiar with. In fact, the point at which a female starts being viewed as “too old” in Ukraine is around the age of 25.

The fight for eligible males

Because of large demographic disproportions, there are several single females for every lonely male. In Ukraine, officially there are 86 men for 100 women, but these numbers don’t take in consideration temporarily absent Ukrainian males working in Europe or Russia. With low wages of about $200-300/month, even Russian salaries seem attractive. According to experts, about 6-8 million Ukrainians out of the resident population of 42 million, are working abroad. Most of them are young males.

This leaves many more single women who have no chance to settle down and start a family at home. It’s one of the reasons why Ukraine became in recent years an unofficial “country of brides” in Europe. Guys look for jobs overseas, girls look for husbands. If they could find what they wanted at home, they would of course rather stay there. But absence of jobs means inability for a male to provide for the family, even if he is open to the idea of marriage. So, finding a man may be possible, but finding a good man (which means, a good potential husband and father) is hard for Ukrainian girls. And once you turn 30, your chances as a desirable marriage partner are near zero.

“After the “fatal” age limit, ladies’ self-esteem is falling apart,” concluded.

What Ukrainian women want in a man?

The short list of a good man’s qualities:

  1. Has a stable job or self-employed
  2. Can provide for a family of 3
  3. Wants to get married
  4. Wants to have kids
  5. Doesn’t abuse alcohol

Guys like this would have enough prospects among pretty girls dreaming of family.

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I have met a few Ukrainian woman over the age of 30 and I don’t get this impression at all. I find these ladies to be very independent and self sufficient, not to mention very proud.


Of course, women over the age of 30 in Ukraine don’t want to see themselves as “goods that are impossible to sell”. And definitely Ukrainian women 30+ won’t be telling you, a guy who approaches them with romantic intentions, that is how they feel on the local dating scene. But once a woman is no longer in her twenties, her self-esteem will constantly suffer if she tries to date locally. So, be careful… they may look and sound confident, but they are not. It’s very easy to hurt them by a poorly thought of phrase or action.


Women after 30 especially Ukrainian are very beautiful.for women 30 year is not fatal. At 30 they became more clever and think about the man not like a pouch but like a father to the children.


In the words of Rhett Butler (especially in Clark Gable): “Enormous fortunes can be created only on the wreckage of empires.” Ukrainian wife is also such a chip empires. Because education was financed in the Soviet times, manners – also since Soviet times, the estate was left from the same place. Through 20-30 years will not have this level of education. They are wives the best quality most distinguishing feature is that they are very good cook and run a household directly from the earth. We have friends Ukrainian women and often visited home: they bring these apples!!, this salted… Read more »