Population of Ukraine, male to female ratios. Statistics 1990-2016Statistics of male to female ratios traditionally dictate relationship dynamics in the area. According to the official data, women in Ukraine far outnumber men. The country is among the states with the largest female population in the world, proportion wise. In fact, there are only 86 males for 100 women.

It’s no wonder that lots of Ukrainian ladies look for partners abroad. Roughly speaking, when the nearest candidates are all taken, you have to search somewhere else. First people look within the state and country, and then they may venture outside the borders, if their local search hasn’t produced desired results.

Male to female ratios in Ukraine

It’s hard to ignore the scale of the demographic crisis in the country.

Ukraine’s population has been declining consistently since 1993 when it was 52.2 million people. In 2016, the number of residents declined to 42,5 million, according to the official government statistics by Ukrstat.gov.ua.

Besides, the number of deaths significantly exceeds the number of births in Ukraine. Currently there are only 52 newborns for 100 deaths. A historical record was reached last year with approximately 460 thousand births opposed to 650 thousand deaths, as Fttc.com.ua reports. Unfortunately, experts predict that the problem will get even worse.

We cannot but point out that Ukraine is among the top 7 countries with the largest share of female population in the world. All these states belong to former Soviet Union countries:

  1. Latvia (84.8 men per 100 women)
  2. Lithuania (85.3)
  3. Ukraine (86.3)
  4. Armenia (86.5)
  5. Belarus (86.8)
  6. Russia (86.8)
  7. Estonia (88)

At present, the number of Ukrainian women exceeds the number of men by 14%. As of 2016, there were 19.7 million males and 22.8 females in Ukraine.

Statistics post USSR: proportion of men to 100 women.

Overall, there are more men than women in the world. However, most post-Soviet countries have the opposite situation. Source: The Washington Post.

Gender imbalance by year, 1990-2016

The gender imbalance is further amplified by the extreme 10-year difference in life expectancy of Ukrainian males and females (66 and 76 years respectively). For example, the world average is about 4.4-year difference. Mainly it is due to the problems associated with bad habits like alcoholism and smoking.

Thus, 14 out of 100 ladies have almost no chances to find a life partner because simply there aren’t enough men.

This is the main reason why Slavic ladies are looking for partners abroad.

Most girls in post-Soviet states are raised with the idea that the main purpose of a woman is to be a good wife and a mother. And if the shortage of candidates does not let them realize their “primary life purpose” at home, girls have to turn their attention to foreign countries. In addition, many Slavic ladies believe that foreigners value family more, are better fathers, and live healthier lifestyles, less inhibited by “bad habits”.

Elenasmodels is a great opportunity for Slavic beauties to find their “second halves”, as ladies from Russia and Ukraine call husbands.

Statistics 1990-2016, Ukraine.

The proportion of males to females in the country hasn’t changed significantly since 1990. The sharp decline in population numbers from 2013 to 2014 is due to the loss of Crimea that was taken over by Russia. Source: Ukrstat.gov.ua. (Click to enlarge)


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Given the “shortage” of men in Eastern Europe, it seems that the interest dynamics should be equally powerful on every Russian/Ukranian dating site. That is, given the same profile and pictures for one man on two such sites, the interest shown by the women towards a man should be similar between those sites. It is not. Can you explain why women on Victoria Hearts literally inundate the same profile that gets tepid attention on elenasmodels? (But that site is very slow and practically unusable because of all the messages.) I am not pointing this out to complain as I’m just… Read more »


Elenasmodels (Btw, awful name in regard to ‘image of legitimacy’), is a better experience than Match.com and other websites of the sort to a fair degree.
And, question, Elena, are there a ‘fair amount’ of marriages that occur and last from PPL sites, such as the broker XYZ (way better name than ElenasModels), XZY.com,….? and other similar charactered ‘straight name’ sites (i.e. not mentioning ‘dreams’ or ‘models’,… if others exist?
What have you hear about marriages and lasting marriages from PPL sites?



These top 7 are ex sovjet countries. Men went to fight the Nazi and never came back, thats why there are less men than women