Will the gender gap between women and men take 170 years to close?It may take up to 170 years to overcome the economic gap between men and women, according to the latest report.

Iceland, Finland, and Norway are the closest to achieving the goal of gender parity.

Overcoming the gender gap

Global gender report is published yearly to inform the society about what has been done worldwide to overcome the problem of inequality between genders. The data collected shows how well we move forward on this road.

This year the report by the World Economic Forum didn’t bring good news. In fact, the indicators show we went backwards.

Experts state that it may take 170 years to overcome the financial inequality between men and women. The gender gap widened in terms of income and employment opportunities. It returned to the indicators of 2008.

Aspects of gender parity

Women work 50 minutes longer than men every day, or in total 39 days a year. Besides, females perform the largest part of the unpaid work at home.

In fact, ladies spend 4 hours and 47 minutes per day on unpaid labor while men only do chores for 1.5 hours.

Much more progress has been achieved towards equal rights in education, politics, and health care availability.

The experts predict that the education gap will be closed in 10 years. And it will take around 82 years to attain equality in politics, The Guardian reports.

Overcoming the gender gap

Females perform the largest share of the unpaid labor in households throughout the world.


Equality by country

144 countries were included in 2016 report.

The top 5 counties with the highest rates in terms of parity between men and women:

  1. Iceland
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. Sweden
  5. Rwanda

Countries with the lowest rates:

  • Chad
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Pakistan
  • Yemen

Russia is at the 75th line of the ranking.

Ukraine is ranked #69.

Surprisingly, the USA is #45, behind several African countries and even Belarus (#30).

Overcoming the gender gap

You can see the full list in the report.



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Oh god another feminist article with false facts was taking 3 years of for raising a child counted as working 24/7. What about the drama and committees woman start for some personal cause not related to the job.


Eric, personally, I find it easier to work in the office at the computer (paid work) as compared to looking after a baby or toddler at home (unpaid work). If you are interested in the research methodology, you probably can find it in the original report. It’s unlikely any person would be recorded as working 24/7.


Eric, if your posts made sense, one could reply..
PS: there are no “,” in your mother tongue?