top-12-march-blogsMarch is here! For people living in the northern hemisphere it’s the coming of spring, and for those in the southern part it’s the cooling down of the autumn.

One thing for sure — love and warmth are in the air with the International Women’s Day 8 March arriving in just a few days!

Check out our post about this favourite holiday of all Eastern European women, and get ready with your best greeting cards and poems. If you have not done it before, make use of your personal blog on the site and send greetings to all women in your contacts at once.

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As you might know I live in Ukraine and we have a pretty rough climate here. It’s been up to -30 C at winter. And today YAY it was +15! It’s like a miracle that you can just walk down a street and don’t freeze to death. So today I enjoyed the weather in my little city. Here is my spring sky here…


I want spring, flowers… and meeting with my soul mate, my Man…


Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, love, dream? Because we know that most amazing things in life we don’t see, we feel them with the heart…


Do you believe in love at first sight? I do! Of course, I mean the first sight in real life during the real meeting in persons. When we look into each other’s eyes, hold hands and smile at each other for the 1st time.


We can write each other by email or call for 5 years, but only if we meet, we’ll understand and feel each other, it’s enough to see the person once…


All the conversations are about the coming of spring! I would like to leave the car at home and walk more. Tomorrow I will do it! Dear men, come to Russia in March! Spring in Russia is special, our women simply glow with joy. We can take off jackets and coats, and wear stockings and short skirts.


Mother made different blinies (pancakes) at the weekends, father made an excellent coffee and we had a nice family breakfast. I was eating my pancakes watching the pink sunrise through the window and thinking how wonderful life was. Blini on the pic are with fish and creame cheese made by me.

Blogs from men


In the USA so often we are obsessed with “doing” that we have no time or imagination left for “being”. That means we value others not for what they are… but for what they do, or have. I hope in my Elena’s relationship, my partner-my wife will want me to share “me”, not just my money and my “stuff”.


Would you seriously consider moving half way around the world for that once in a lifetime chance at a long term loving relationship — leading to marriage? Is love and happiness worth taking that risk?


It’s great to look at so many people on here looking for love and the person who will become their universe. As I seek my true love it’s reassuring to know someone somewhere is also searching for me?


Hello )) today in Ireland is cold and starting to rain giving the usual Monday blues to everyone… lol but I find to keep smiling and everyone will smile with you )))))))


4 litres fresh Collard Greens slow cooking with bacon seasoning. Grilled out back Pork Baby Back ribs or pork chops for dinner. I send all good people lots of love today, and hope you and your family are safe, warm, healthy, happy. Here you would be always.


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I think, spring is time for lovers. I like spring time it brings romance to the air.


March is my favourite month. This was the time when my best friend met his\her soulmate. I think that this is something what people were waiting for and dreaming of the whole winter.


March is my favourite month. This was the time when my best friend met his\her soul mate. I think that this is something what people were waiting for and dreaming of the whole winter.
Spring sparks feelings and people have a chance to meet their true love especially this season.


I love discovering interesting blogs, personal web-sites where people share their expereince, desires on something new with others. Spring can be called -the love time of the year. When your heart is mealting and you need someone to heat it up!! Life is short and we don’t need to waste time by staying alone! =*


Spring is a wonderful time of the year! Oh, I like so much different spring smells*_* These wonderful walks in the park when the nature wakes up from the long sleep…
To my mind, spring is the time when all dreams become true! Such magic time


Spring is just perfect for fallinng in love and kissing at sunsets! It’s like a rebirth of nature and ourselves. It’s a really special time and we feel it by our heart just like Svetlana said. Though unfortunately many women are much more worried about their jobs then what is going on outside.


It’s a new Spring and it’s a new life. Flowering trees, blue sky, fresh air and sunshine inspire me to live, love and create. I decide to make my own dairy to write down everything that I see, hear, smell and feel. I am grateful to Elena’s blog, because it is also a part of my newfound Spring.