Tiny robots build... molecules! Have you heard about robots doing pizza deliveries in large cities and driverless cars? Well, this is so last year. Scientists from the University of Manchester created world’s first robot that can build molecules.

Molecules-building micro robots

The nano-sized robots are not much bigger than molecules themselves and contain no more than 150 atoms. The atoms of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon are combined in this amazing piece of chemically-programmed machinery. The tiny robot is able to move and build molecular compositions with the help of a tiny arm, Science Daily reported.

The tiny robot is so small that a billion of these robots piled together would only look like a grain of salt.

The robot works in a specially formulated chemical solution.

David Leigh, the leading researcher, explained that the way nano-robot works is similar to how car assembling robots operate. As everything around us built of molecules, and molecules are built of atoms, like Lego bricks, this breakthrough technology opens opportunities for creation of new materials and medicines. It also allows for further miniaturization in every field. The molecular robot is able to position and attach chemical components in predetermined ways.

Instead of a software programming with digital inputs, this technology uses chemical programming.

Imagine miniature molecular factories, similar to today’s car making plants? It’s the future we can expect. And according to scientists, this future is only 10-20 years away.

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It would be great to see our Humanity without diseases and suffering! I want to see how scientists find cures for cancer and AIDS, hopefully in my lifetime. Fortunately, for now it doesn’t sound like something impossible anymore. To tell you the truth, I am happy to be born in such era.