DNA repair vitamin for anti-aging that adds years to your lifeScientists discovered a vitamin that helps to reverse the aging process, cure cancer and reduce side effects of cosmic radiation on the human body. It can even make a human mission to Mars possible.

Anti-aging drug to help us live longer

A miracle longevity pill may appear on the market sooner than you think.

Our world has stepped closer to immortality when an international team of scientists made an incredible discovery.

For almost the entire 20th century, it was believed that people get older because cells’ ability to repair DNA damage decreases with age. This is also the reason why people get cancer.

But today scientists know how this process works at the molecular level. Moreover, they figured out how to amend it, Lindsay Wu, a molecular biologist at the University of New South Wales, said in an interview.

The lead author of the study, professor David Sinclair, revealed that experiments on mice confirmed efficiency of their method based on the use of a new vitamin. In just a week time (!) cells of old mice were almost indistinguishable from cells of younger animals. The old rodents’ bodies started to literally grow younger, ABC reports.

It reminds of the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button about a man who was born old but died as an infant.

Anti-aging drug to help us live longer

In the movie, Benjamin Button becomes younger with every year.

Experiments on mice

Previously, scientists found that the vitamin NAD+ plays the key role in repairing damaged DNA.

During experiments, mice were given water containing NAD+ booster called NMN. NMN is a natural vitamin, which is easily absorbed by cells of the body, Western Advocate reported.

The experiment showed:

  • In just one week, cells of 20-month-old mice (comparable to 60 years in humans) became hardly distinguishable from the cells of their young relatives.
  • The cells of the animals could easily restore DNA damaged by radiation and aging.
  • The life span of rodents increased by 20%.

Most likely, the level of NAD+ in our body decreases with age, and scientists now learned how to stimulate its production.

In addition, the researchers exposed mice to radiation proportionate to the radiation received by cancer patients. As a result, they experienced a decrease in the number of red blood cells. But NMN treatment was able to stabilize it to healthy levels.

Dr. Wu points out that the goal of the discovery is not only to prolong life but to give an opportunity to stay healthy to an old age.

Experiments on mice

Dr. Wu from the international team that made the discovery.

Cure for DNA damage

The scientists to hope that their new drug will help in fighting cancer and its side effects.

  • Firstly, cancer will not develop if DNA is always replicated properly.
  • Secondly, the scientists believe that the new drug can help people who survived cancer in childhood.

It is known that patients who combatted cancer at a young age have a 96% chance of getting a chronic illness by the age of 45, including Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and heart problems. In addition, there is a risk of getting another type of cancer, not associated with the original one. It happens because of chemotherapy, which destroys body cells and provokes accelerated aging.

And this new drug can help these people to “restore” their health after radiation therapy.

Cure for health

NAD+ vitamin is available for purchase. It costs about $20 US dollars. Photo: Screenshot, Amazon.com

What about NASA?

NASA, which plans a human mission to Mars, shows an interest in the discovery. The space agency expects that the new drug will protect its astronauts from radiation during a 4-year return flight.

During a 2-year journey to the “red planet”, astronauts will be exposed to a large dose of cosmic radiation. There is 100% probability that they will get cancer after that.

Hopefully, the new drug will save their health.

The mission to Mars may take place after 2030.

When can we buy this vitamin?

Human trials will begin in June this year in Boston, USA.

The following studies will determine the drug’s efficiency and dosage.

If everything goes successfully, the drug will be available for purchase by 2020.

When we can buy this vitamin

One would think it’s clear: Years of life have already passed. But the scientists say it will be possible to go a couple of “matches” back.



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