The most beautiful Ukrainian girl was choosen in the USAGorgeous blonde Ievgeniia Boridka was chosen as the most beautiful Ukrainian girl in the USA, collecting the title of Miss Ukrainian Diaspora 2015. The beauty pageant finale was held in Chicago last weekend.

Ievgeniia has been living in the U.S. for 7 years. Originally she is from the small town of Gogolevo in Poltava region.

She studies business at the Montclair State University in New Jersey.

This year’s title winner received a plane ticket to Ukraine as the prize. The beauty queen will also assist in a charity mission.

Boridka says that she decided to participate in the pageant because she wanted to show her good sides and contribute to the Ukrainian community in the United States.

She believes that life should be interesting, that’s why she tries to fill it with bright moments. Ievgeniia (Jena) enjoys participating in various events, especially those associated with her home country. She is a part time model.

She loves singing, dancing, and creating beautiful costumes, the skills that she successfully showed off during the contest.

Evgenia Boridko, Evgeniya, Jenya

Boridka’s motto is to go through life with a smile and never give up. (Photo: Facebook Jena Boridko)

Her motto is to go through life with a smile and never give up.

“In today’s world we see a lot of violence, war, and injustice; Miss Ukrainian Diaspora is a positive event that brings smiles and aesthetic pleasure. I am honoured to be a part of such an event,” she said about the pageant.

During the catwalk young beauties modelled 2 collections of outfits of the Ukrainian fashion designer Oksana Polonets, who personally brought 30 national costumes and evening dresses with embroidery to Chicago.

The winner complimented the friendly atmosphere that prevailed during the contest between female competitors, as opposed to some other events, the most recent pageant scandal involving Miss Bikini World 2015, where the winner Anastasia Mykhailuita complained of heavy bullying from other contestants.

In the future, Boridka plans to continue assisting charity in Ukraine and the national diaspora in the United States.

Her name is spelled:

  • Євгенія Борідка (Ukrainian)
  • Евгения Боридка (Russian)
  • Ievgeniia Boridka (English)

The name can be also spelled as: Evgeniya, Evgenia (short form: Jenya, Zhenya). The differences are due to the Cyrillic alphabet used, where certain letters can be spelled in Latin transcription in several ways. The English analogue of her name is Eugene.

Her Facebook page is listed as Jena Boridka.

The title of the 1st Runner-up and Miss Chicago went to Vitalina Melnychuk, originally from Chernivtsi. Marta Petrushkevich from Lvov became the 2nd Runner-up.

Miss People’s Choice was awarded to Inna Kostyshev from Kamenets-Podolski.

US senator Mark Kirk and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel saluted the competition and its goals of popularizing and preserving Ukrainian heritage.

“Chicago is a proud home of a vibrant Ukrainian American community and this event is an opportunity to celebrate the many ways in which the Ukrainian community has left its mark on our great city,” the Mayor wrote.

“The Miss Ukrainian Diaspora Event brings thousands of members from the Ukrainian American community together in celebration of Ukrainian heritage and culture. We are proud to have such a vibrant and dynamic Ukrainian community in Illinois that makes positive contributions on a daily basis,” Senator Kirk wrote.

The evening’s main musical guest was the popular singer Zlata Ognevich who supported the cheerful mood of the show.


Miss Ukrainian Diaspora USA in Chicago. Photo: Facebook Maksym Prokopiv Photography


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Miss Ukrainian diaspora is very beautiful. And the plane ticket she received is very good present. To visit Ukraine, homeland… Nostalgic. Does she live in Ukraine now? She is so beautiful girl, she deserves to be Miss Ukraine. I’ve seen photos of Marta Petrushkevich. I think, she also deserves the title of winner and Miss Ukrainian diaspora.