Scientists confirmed: Sex helps couples to bondThe importance of sex in a long term romantic relationship cannot be overstated. Enjoyment and producing of the offspring are the things that immediately come to mind. The new study reveals one more essential role: Physical intimacy helps spouses to bond.

The secret of happy couples: Have more sex

As scientists explain, after an intercourse partners experience an “afterglow” that lasts for almost 2 days.

According to Andrea Meltzer, a psychology scientist from Florida State University, sexual satisfaction stays considerably high for about 48 hours after making love. It helps to strengthen the bond between spouses and keep them happy as a couple over time.

Moreover, it turned out that people who are the most satisfied in the bedroom show a greater level of contentment with their marriages in the long term, Science Daily reports.

The research

To check the theory, scientists analyzed the data of 2 independent studies. Both studies were concluded to examine sexual and marital life of newlyweds.

Before going to sleep, participants of the experiment recorded whether they had an intercourse during that day or not.

Irrespective of the answer, respondents also assessed the level of their sexual satisfaction on the day and also noted how they felt about their partner, their relationship, and marital life.

Researchers additionally checked their answers in about half a year time.

On average, pairs had sex 4 times during the 14-day study.

Those couples who reported making love showed more satisfaction on the day, which was quite high even the next day. Their feelings towards the partner were warmer, as well as the extent of marital contentment. This was true regardless of the gender, age, duration of a relationship, individual characteristics, and frequency of the intercourse.


In general, newlyweds became less happy with their marriages 4-6 months later.

However, those who were more satisfied with their sex life:

  • Initially were happier in a marriage;
  • Showed a smaller decline of happiness in 4-6 months.

The results speak for themselves: couples who have more sex enjoy a stronger marriage.

The secret of happy couples: Have more sex

The act of love making helps couples to bond and feel happier in a marriage.


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It depends, if you ask me. Yes, sex can make your relationship with your second half much stronger but only if you both get enough amount of positive experience out of it. If it’s a burden for someone, well, I guess you can’t even call such relationship “a relationship”.


I do not think that regular sex will somehow affect the strengthening of family life. First of all, spouses should show concern and support for each other. So there must be love between them. If there is no love, then sex will be useless. Having sex only fulfills one human need. But strengthening of relations does not depend on it.


It’s typical for young women to think that sex has no influence on the strength of a relationship. But sex is a physical expression of love. It helps couples to bond. So, it’s best to see intimacy as an expression of love, your affection for your partner, and his adoration of you. If you see it this way, it makes sense! 🙂