Rich, healthy & happy: World's Top-25 countries. What place your country is on?For the tenth year already, British researchers report on liveability by country. Their report is the only one of its kind because it is based on both economic advancement and social welfare. In addition to collecting hard data on economics, scientists ask people if they are satisfied with the life in the country where they live.

Prosperity Index: World’s Top-25 countries

Researchers compared 149 countries according to 104 parameters measuring each state’s achievements in the areas of the economy, business landscape, governance, education, healthcare, safety, individual freedom, social capital, and natural environment.

In addition, they have taken into account the welfare of people (for example, how relaxed they consider themselves).

For the past 7 years, the ranking has been headed by Norway but this year an important change has occurred, reports.

Let’s have a look.

  1. Portugal

Portugal appears in top-25 because its population showed high levels of satisfaction with individual freedom.

Prosperity Index: World's Top-25 countries

Sunny Portugal enjoys 25th place in the rating.

  1. Malta

Malta is remarkable for social capital achievements.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is reputed for its excellent business environment.

  1. Japan

In spite of the relative slowdown in economic development, Japan enjoys top positions because of its security and advanced health care.

Prosperity Index: World's Top-25 countries

The land of the rising sun is known for its high technologies.

  1. Spain

Spain reached the top since it’s safe and has a great natural environment.

  1. Slovenia

No one would deny the beauty of Slovenian nature and that is why it is thought to belong to the most upstanding countries in the EU.

  1. Singapore

Being the world’s financial center, Singapore offers the perfect living environment. In accordance with the analysis, Singapore gets high scores in terms of health care and safety.

  1. France

This year France has got excellent scores for the condition of natural environment.

Prosperity Index: World's Top-25 countries

France appears on the 18th place of the ranking.

  1. USA

The United States have dropped from the 11th to the 17th position this year. Nevertheless, it provides the best business opportunities.

  1. Belgium

High achievements in the sphere of education and individual freedom let Belgium reach the top.

  1. Austria

Austria is incredibly safe and secure and that makes it a perfect place to live in.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is remarkable for its security, development of social capital and individual freedom.

  1. Ireland

Ireland gets 5th result in terms of individual freedom and 7th for education.

Prosperity Index: World's Top-25 countries

Due to its green countryside, Ireland is also called the Emerald Isle. It sounds very poetic.

  1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg occupies top positions considering individual freedom and healthcare.

  1. Germany

As one of the most attractive countries for migration, Germany should be placed higher perhaps, but it is only the 5th as regards to economic activity.

  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom attained a better position this year due to the advance in the business landscape.

  1. Denmark

The Scandinavian country has always had a high quality of life.

  1. Sweden

A neighbor of Denmark has appeared at a higher position due to its excellent results in economic development and governance.

Prosperity Index: World's Top-25 countries

It’s interesting to note that Denmark is the 2nd peaceful country on Earth because it’s really safe to live in. Its population is more focused on economic matters rather than armed conflicts.

  1. Netherlands

The world capital of flowers enjoys its place in the top ten thanks to its gains in educational sphere and economic development (2nd place).

  1. Australia

Compared with the last year, Australia climbed up one position. It takes 2nd place in the social capital category.

  1. Canada

Canada is on the 5th place thanks to its attainments in such categories as social capital, possibilities for business development, and individual freedom.

  1. Switzerland

Swiss education and health system let the country attain top positions in the list.

Prosperity Index: World's Top-25 countries

Switzerland is known for its scenic landscapes and the level of life standards.

  1. Finland

According to the study, Finland rates high for governance.

  1. Norway

Norway had to move down to the second place this year.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand got the highest scores in the most important categories like economy, governance, social welfare, and business landscape.

Prosperity Index: World's Top-25 countries

This year New Zealand leads the ranking of the happiest, healthiest, and rich countires.

Research by: The Legatum Institute (London)


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Of course New Zealand is number one!!! it’s a great place to live!!!!


Ohh, I would like to live in any of them. Each country is so beautiful. Photos are amazing. Well, at least it would be great to visit some of them. Unfortunately, now I can’t afford it. Travelling is cool but extremely expensive.
By the way, I also know Finland is famous for its education system.