8 March greetings

8 March greetingsIt’s already 8 March in Russia, so it’s the last hours when you can score and advance your prospects on the Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day 8 March

If you haven’t heard about this peculiar holiday that is dear to hearts of Russian, Ukrainian girls, here is a brief summary.

  • The first Women’s Day was organized in America in 1909 on 28 February.
  • The date of 8 March was chosen in the Soviet Union to celebrate women’s lib.
  • It was adopted by United Nations only in 1975.
  • Curiously, in Russia and Ukraine the holiday of 8 March turned into a celebration of all things feminine instead of a protest against sexism or gender discrimination. Since Russian and Ukrainian societies mostly denounce feminism (because the official line holds that females already have all the freedoms and rights they need or want), the meaning of this date is totally opposite of what it holds in western countries. Instead of a fight for rights, it’s now just a happy event, something in between a girl’s birthday and Mothers’ Day by the mood.
  • In Russia and Ukraine, it’s the day for males to please females and give them presents, particularly flowers.

What you need to do today

You definitely should congratulate all your female correspondents with this special date! If you don’t do it, they will see you as culturally insensitive or possibly even ignorant and rude.

This date holds a huge significance for ladies from the countries of the former Soviet Union.

It’s like her birthday and your knowingly forgetting it wouldn’t look too good.

Now you know!

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The 8th of March is a great holiday. On this day we celebrate with our beloved women, we spend this day with them and tell them that they are what creates beauty and kindness in our lives. Never forget to congratulate your sister, daughter, girlfriend and mother, show them your respect, tell them that they are the reasons to move forward for you. They encourage us to make further steps in our life, they inspire us to be kind and brave, and as men, we certainly will do our best to keep our beloved women safe and comfortable in all… Read more »


We celebrate this holiday with family usually. This is very gentle holiday, all womеn look forward to it. Women like presents and flowers. Women’s day is very good way to make women and girls happier.


As for me, it is the best day in an each year. Because I am a woman and I get a lot of presents and congratulations from my family and friends. Also, we usually go to a restaurant and celebrate. There are a lot of positive moments which are connected with this day.