The importance of precise language in communication with foreign women

In communication, foreign women may find some terms unacceptable or even insulting. It’s important to use precise and simple language.

Why you need to be precise with what you say about yourself to foreign women

If you don’t match one of her (usually unspoken) preferences, she is likely to simply cut your correspondence abruptly, stating this is not what she seeks.

Sometimes girls are doing it purely by mistake, because the meaning of the word that sounds identical in Russian is different.

  • For instance, the Russian word that sounds identical to intelligent means “educated, sophisticated” (not just mental capacities or IQ). And when they translate the word relating to IQ and mental capabilities, they don’t use “smart” or “intelligent” but pick the word “clever”.
  • A girl could refuse you because you used the epithet easygoing in your profile. The translation in Russian books sounds as “without care” (careless). Depending on her knowledge of English, this could sound for her like you have no life goals or plans.
  • Another word that often causes misunderstandings is introvert. For Slavic women it means someone who is afraid of talking to people and prefers to spend time at home alone, a coach potato.

There are many other words that could be misinterpreted.

Men also often misunderstand some phrases in foreign women’s profiles

  • One such common expression is “to create a family“. In Russian this phrase is used to describe an act of officially getting married, as opposed to living together without a marriage certificate or dating. Foreign men get surprised when they see this expression in profiles of women 40+, thinking they want to have kids. Usually this is not what ladies mean. They just want to get married officially, not live together or have a long-distance romantic relationship.  
  • Another common road block for foreign guys is the phrase “bad habits“. What do the ladies means? Smoking and abusing alcohol, or using illegal drugs. Things like overeating, lack of exercise, or poor diet don’t form a part of “bad habits”.
  • Further, men are often puzzled by professions and occupations of Russian, Ukrainian women. Read the post, there are lots of aspects.

In general, it’s worth noting that misunderstandings caused by different languages may occur in relationships with foreign women and should be expected.

A good way to prevent potential problems is to write to the lady in the beginning something along the lines:

“Please be assured that I only mean to be respectful and polite in our communication. If something that I write, in this letter or in the future, offends you, please accept my apologies in advance and know it was not intentional. I have heard sometimes people have misunderstandings and it may cause them to stop communicating. I would not want it to happen with us, as I am really interested in you. If something seems strange in my writings, please ask me and I will explain what I mean.”

She will remember that, and if in the future something in your mails or chats sounds wrong to her ear, she hopefully won’t jump into an instant self-defence, but will ask you what you mean.

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Knowledge of the language and correct understanding of the meaning of words greatly facilitate the process of communication with men and women from foreign countries. However, if you are not sure of the meaning of the word, it is better to double-check it several times. In another case, it is worth using those words and expressions that will be clear and understandable for the person. It will help to avoid problems in communication.

Adam Schwartz
Adam Schwartz

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You might have noticed that Eastern European women behave very much like western ladies of 1950s. So, they mean exactly what 1950s “real man” used to mean.

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